Lausanne Accord to Open the Lucrative Iran Market, Remake the Middle East

May 10, 2015

Alessandro Bruno

Kerry Zarif, cc Flickr UNVIE,


The Lausanne accord over Iran’s nuclear program has started to shift Western interests in the Middle East. Many Western powers, including the United States, are questioning their loyalty to Saudi Arabia. China is adding its own pressure, producing unexpected outcomes, accelerating the Iranian iteration of ‘glasnost,’ or in Persian ‘gozayesh.’

For years, the theocratic government in Tehran has been described as a ‘monster,’ the enemy of freedom and democracy. Yet, Lausanne has suddenly opened up new prospects. Israel does not agree, but that was a given and presumably any wider diplomatic opening between the West and Iran would include assurances for Tel Aviv. Saudi Arabia will need more convincing and may encourage a more radical policy shift in Western capitals. The Saudis have long challenged Iran over hegemony in Middle East and the West has basically ‘forgiven’ the Kingdom everything, including the fact that it is far more authoritarian than the Islamic Republic. Further, the West has reason to be grateful for the efforts of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq where they contributed to the liberation of Tikrit – especially as the West itself (and its allies, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar) share considerable responsibility in creating the monster that is ISIS.


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  • Antiantichrist

    One wonders if the author is genuinely deranged mentally or merely pretends being so. His argument is so unbeliavably one sided, devoid of facing the most basic related questions, such as the not neglible issue of nuclear armsrace, abd in decades almost certainly a nuclear war resulting from the Lausanne treason, that it deserves no more than total contempt. It also raises the question of his integrity, at least his intellectual one. A despicable article.

    • IranMan

      Based you the drivel you’ve posted, one wonders if you have in control of all your faculties. You’ve bashed the author for this “argument” without presenting any specific points, facts or figures to refute the author’s arguments.

      You need to worry about your sanity, integrity and lack of comprehension instead of projecting your ignorance onto others that you don’t agree with.

      Be smarter than a door knob, if you can manage.

      • Antiantichrist

        I am grateful. Given your chosen name, given your outpour of hostility, you proved to be helpful however much in an indirect and unintented fashion only to indicate the likelihood of my point being valid. Thanks.


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