Silk Road

The Impact of China’s One Belt, One Road on Romania

cc Flickr, modified, Dennis Jarvis,

Romania should get involved with China’s game-changing development megaproject.

Lausanne Accord to Open the Lucrative Iran Market, Remake the Middle East

Kerry Zarif, cc Flickr UNVIE,

Détente between Iran and the West is transforming the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, and governments and investors the world over are scrambling to profit from the new normal.

Afghanistan: Battle for the Silk Road

Ashraf_Ghani, cc Wikicommons

A sudden uptick in Taliban attacks in northern Afghanistan has some worried about the security of the Silk Road initiative.

For China, All Silk Roads Lead through Afghanistan

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A confluence of economic opportunity (developing the country’s vast mineral wealth) and political necessity (ensuring a stable Xinjiang) make post-NATO Afghanistan a perfect testing ground for China’s great power aspirations.

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