Iran’s Nuclear Program

Moscow’s Endgame in the Syrian Civil War

A Putin painting in an exhibition. President Putin's popularity has been boosted by Russia's involvement in Syrian civil war.

For President Putin, the road to a new Russian superpower leads through Syria.

Backgrounder: Iran Elections

RouhaniSummit2014, cc attribute, modified,

An in-depth look at the institutions, candidates, and impact of Iran’s upcoming elections.

Echoes of Nixon in the US-Iran Rapprochement

Public Domain: President Nixon Meets Chairman Mao, 1972 (NARA)

The US-Iran rapprochement is reminiscent of Nixon’s historic about face on China. And it might just produce the same positive result.

Western Companies Circle as Iran Enters a Critical Month

Rouhani55, cc 4.0

Foreign investors are eager to tap into Iran ahead of the full implementation of the JCPOA.

Nuclear Deal Paves Way for Renewed India-Iran Relations

cc Flickr Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äusseres

The recent visit of Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif to India signals that both countries are keen to engage each other in the aftermath of the signing of the nuclear deal between the P5+1, Iran, and the European Union.

Style Could Win Out Over Substance on Iran Nuclear Deal

Rouhani_in_Astrakhan,_29_September_2014, cc Flickr the Presidential Press and Information Office

The core of the struggle surrounding the Iran nuclear deal is not how it would advance the interests of the United States, but rather how the deal is being perceived.

Nuclear Deal and US Rebalancing: Not a Strategy for Peace

ObamaSpeech, cc Flickr The U.S. Army

While a historic and highly controversial nuclear deal awaits final approval by the US Congress, a debate on its regional and international fallout is raging across the globe. The agreement is indeed a huge gamble. Will it hold? Will it ease Middle East tensions, or will it further destabilize the region?

India to Benefit from Iran Nuclear Deal

Modi, CC Flickr Global Panorama

India’s Modi government is ready to jump on the new economic and geopolitical opportunities afforded by Iran’s historic nuclear deal.

GPM Oil Report: Iran Returns

Oil Jack, CC Flickr Paul Lowry

A nuclear agreement means Iran is set to return to global energy markets, and OPEC may never be the same again.

A New Balance of Power in the Middle East

Vienna Agreement, cc Flickr IAEA Imagebank

The Vienna Agreement on Iran’s nuclear program will have far-reaching geopolitical ramifications in the Middle East and beyond.

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