History Returns: US-China Relations Taking Shape under Biden

cc U.S. Embassy Nigeria Flickr, modified, https://www.flickr.com/photos/usembassynigeria/19552585025/in/photolist-vMN7jV-vNaYnV-apw5Cf-2k9ZZm8-iZdSdj-7HCgLL-iZdPrh-uQVR8e-vNaY6H-foWVW4-sYUrpC-yxMCjV-275zou2-QdREb2-u62HBR-u5U3iq-u5TxhC-yzVDpU-9YBuYt-zvxr8g-6ULr8i-c1NAbq-yiASpz-yXT8Xy-c1NDrC-c1NDLA-c1NDey-FHoDw4-GwYiMn-GAr593-GwYgjr-GAr4KY-GAr44N-dn2Nzu-c1NCkL-c1NAMQ-8SoYzM-yA4Zie-c1NCcG-c1NBuQ-yBGSox-c1NBH7-c1NDEJ-c1NCZC-c1NCJG-c1NCym-c1NBRs-c1NBa7-c1NAD9-c1NzPL


A recent call between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and top diplomat Yang Jiechi has helped to answer a burning question in US foreign policy circles: Will President Biden’s China policy come to resemble Trump’s scorched earth approach, or will it opt for the path of least resistance and revert to the previous dogma of ‘peaceful evolution.’

The phone call, along with recent hawkish rhetoric from Washington, suggest that this is one area where we’ll see some policy continuity between the two administrations.

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