Doklam Plateau: China Tries Out the Water Weapon

August 21, 2017

Geopolitical Monitor

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China has stopped sharing hydrological data with India for the Brahmaputra and Satluj rivers (Yarlung Zangbo and Satelai in Chinese). The move comes as India grapples with floods along the Brahmaputra in Assam and Uttar Pradesh, where over 150 people have lost their lives so far this season.

The two countries having been sharing hydrological data since a memorandum of understanding was reached in 2013.

The rationale for the data cutoff remains a bit of a mystery. A recent Global Times editorial trumpeted an expert opinion that India must withdraw from the Doklam Plateau before data sharing can resume, but the actual cutoff predates the Doklam Plateau standoff by months. According to Raveesh Kumar, spokesperson for India’s Ministry of External Affairs, India has not received any data from the Chinese side since May of this year.

There is of course the possibility that China held back the water data to give itself leverage in anticipation of an Indian response to road building on the Doklam Plateau.

Whatever the reason, this is a foreign policy linkage that will deeply disturb Indian policymakers. Large swathes of India’s northeast rely on the Brahmaputra’s waters for irrigation, and as the upriver power – China is holding all the cards.


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  • Zhuge Liang

    As India made clear with its boycott of China’s Belt and Road forum, it is no longer interested in cooperation with China. This is even more clear if you look at the pattern of India’s foreign relations – support for any nation or agenda that is anti-China.
    We should not humiliate ourselves and chase Indian cooperation, when it is obviously not forthcoming. India insulted our country, and invaded our land.
    But when India needs something from us, it acts as though it is the injured party, as though there is some mystery why China should not trust India. We should not reward India’s hostility towards China with cooperation that they don’t deserve. We should cooperate with countries that treat us with dignity, like Pakistan.


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