COVID-19: Economic Impact Round-up (3-19-2020)

COVID19-virus, cc Flickr NIAID, modified,

The COVID-19 outbreak has widened considerably since the previous update, prompting severe lockdowns in major European states like Spain and France. According to data compiled by John Hopkins University, countries with the largest outbreaks are as follows: China (81,155 cases), Italy (35,713), Iran (18,407), Spain (17,395), Germany (13,979), France (9,058), and South Korea (8,565). China and the United States are now moving in opposite directions. Today, Hubei reported no new cases for the first time since the virus appeared. The United States on the other hand has seen its infections spike past the 10,000 mark, doubling over the past two days, which is significantly higher than the 1,039 cases recorded last week.


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