Checklist: China’s Targets in a US Trade War

December 16, 2016

Geopolitical Monitor

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Whether or not the Trump administration follows through on its moonshot of negotiating over the One China policy, it seems increasingly likely that tensions over North Korea, Taiwan, the South China Sea, and trade could bring about a breakdown in US-China relations. The primary arena where such a breakdown would play out, at least initially, is bilateral trade.

President elect Trump has put some of his cards on the table already. He campaigned on punishing China for unfair trade practices, labeling the country a currency manipulator, and slapping tariffs as high as 45% on Chinese exports into the U.S. After his victory, he doubled down by calling the bedrock of US-China relations into question.

But how will China respond to all this? Here’s a list of Beijing’s potential targets.


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  • Dessie Deratta

    I guess if you call spending hundreds of billions of dollars to keep its currency UP is “currency manipulation” then China is guilty!


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