Trade War

Ending America’s Trade War with China Won’t Stop Inflation

cc US Trade Representative, modified,

Tariffs are questionable economic policy, but their role in inflation is minimal.

Outlook 2021: Asia’s Path to COVID-19 Recovery Runs through Regional Trade Deals


Asia-Pacific nations hope the CPTPP and RCEP will drive growth in 2021 as economies recover from COVID-19.

Why Protectionism Could Not Solve Trump’s Trade Deficit

cc Flickr The White House, modified,

President Trump came to power on a platform of reducing the trade deficit, yet in 2020 the gap remains wide as ever. What went wrong?

No Time Like the Present to Prepare for a Post-Brexit World

BoJo2, cc Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Beyond Brexit: A Global Britain, modified,

Boldness in the face of uncertainty is required of the Canadian government if it wants to ensure the best possible post-Brexit trade relationship.

EU Parliament and the Impact of Civil Society on Trade Negotiations

EPBuildingStrasbourg, cc Flickr Cédric, modified,

Do internal constraints like the EP and an activist civil society help or hinder the EU Commission in its trade negotiations?

US and Australia Move to Break China’s Monopoly, Secure Access to Rare Earth Minerals

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore, modified,

Rare earth minerals are becoming a consistent theme in US diplomacy and trade policy.

US-China Trade War: Headed for Conclusion or Escalation?

Presidents Trump and Xi at the G20 summit in Japan, cc Flickr White House, modified, public domain

What might the ramifications be of a full-blown trade war, and what is the likelihood presidents Trump and Xi manage to sign an agreement to avoid them?

Ghosts of Occupy Haunt the Hong Kong Authorities

HKProtest, HF9631, modifeid,

In an echo of 2014, protesters marching en masse in Hong Kong. And this time they might actually achieve their goal.

Beto Is Right about Trump’s Trade War with China

BetoClev, cc Flickr Erik Drost, modified,

If the United States is to fight a trade war, it’s better to do it with allies rather than alone.

US-China Trade Deal Takes Shape

Trump-Xitalks, cc Flickr The White House, modified,

A US-China trade deal is starting to take form, and it looks like it might end up a draw.

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