Manjit Singh

Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution Ending

Lebanese protest

A United Nations’ Special Tribunal trying the assassination of the former Lebanon Prime Minister orders the release of four pro-Syrian Labanese generals held in connection with the investigation.

Hezbollah May Rule Lebanon

Lebanese flag on outline of Lebenon

Hezbollah, the militant group dubbed a terrorist organization by the U.S., Israel and Europe, may be poised to win the upcoming Lebanese parliamentary elections.

A Cuba Thaw in the Cards?

Rebecca Basulto

The United States and Cuba have exchanged high-level diplomatic overtures for the first time in decades.

Thai colour revolution

Thai Flag

Unlike typical CIA organized colour revolutions, the waves of counter-protests in Thailand appear to have genuinely split the loyalties of the Thai citizenry in two, threatening a collapse of Thailand’s political system.

Obama cancels change agenda

World Leaders Gather To Discuss The Financial Crisis At The G20 Summit

At the G20 Summit, U.S. President Barack Obama rejected proposals for change to the global financial system, ensuring a continuation of American global economic hegemony.

NATO’s 7th decade


As NATO enters its 7th decade, serious questions of its relevancy persist, culminating in the greatest existential threat faced by the military alliance.

Israel attacks Sudan

Israeli military in Sudan

Israel has opened up yet another war-front via a covert-ops attack against targets on Sudanese soil, potentially furthering an escalating rift between it and its Arab neighbours.

Partitioning Darfur

Delivering aid to al-Fasher, Sudan

Western powers, through the International Criminal Court (ICC), have succeeded in preventing a nascent peace initiative between Darfurian rebels and the central Sudanese government – a prelude to the eventual partition of the country.

Madagascar’s isolation


A recent military-backed coup in Madagascar, an island nation off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, has left the country internationally isolated.

Pakistani people power

Pakistani lawyers

Conceding to the growing political power of the people, Pakistan’s government reinstated a deposed Chief Justice in order to stem a political crisis, however the weakening of the government’s authority threatens to leave a power vacuum that may be filled by armed militant groups such as the Taliban.

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