Syrian Civil War

How Will Moscow Respond to Its “Stab in the Back”?

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Will it be ‘business as usual’ or ‘hell hath no fury like a Putin scorned’?

Turkey Shoots Down a Russian Su-24 over Syria

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The post-Paris spirit of détente on global terrorism has proven short-lived.

Paris Attacks Throw Syria’s Assad a Lifeline

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By amplifying the threat of Islamic State, the Paris attacks have opened the door for a Western compromise on the fate of Syria President Bashar al-Assad.

US & Russia: Adding Fuel to the Fire in the Middle East

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Interventions by the United States and Russia are achieving the opposite of their intended effect in the Middle East.

Russia Enters the Syrian Sweepstakes

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Russia’s recent airstrikes in Syria have led to a whole new situation on the ground in the protracted Syrian civil war, seemingly bringing further chaos in their wake.

What are Russian Airstrikes Aiming at in Syria?

Caspian, cc Russian Military

According to the US State Department, over 90% of Russian airstrikes so far have not targeted ISIS.

Putin the Opportunist

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Recent moves in Syria afford Putin even more leverage over EU governments reeling from the refugee crisis.

Lavrov: Russia, U.S. to Cooperate on Islamic State

LavKer, cc Wikipedia US Department of State

A mix of cooperation and disagreement prevails as the Russian military wades into the mire of the Syrian civil war.

US Needs Modern Day Equivalent of a “Germany First” Policy for Iraq

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With the fundamental problems of the Syrian civil war growing in number, Iraq is critical to revamping the US’ Middle East strategy.

What Is Russia Up To in Syria?

su27, cc Flickr Dmitry Terekhov

Russia’s deepening support for the Assad regime has some experts puzzled.

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