Syrian Civil War

Echoes of British Colonial India in Plans to Partition Syria

SyriaMap, cc CIA Factbook

Great power plans to break up states in the name of ‘peace’ don’t always work. Just look at India and Pakistan.

Analysis: Russia Orders Troops Out of Syria

RFM, cc Flickr Alan Wilson,,

In a surprising turn of events, Russia is pulling most of its military out of Syria.

Fixing an Empty Syria

aleppo2, cc Flickr Félim McMahon,

It will take courage and some new thinking to solve a problem like the Syrian civil war.

Analysis: Turkey Hints at a Joint Saudi Offensive in Syria

YPGMil, cc Flickr Kurdishstruggle, modified,

Is Turkey’s mention of a joint ground operation with Saudi Arabia just smoke and mirrors?

Interview: CGSRS’ Hirah Azhar on the Syrian Civil War

SyriaTank, cc Flickr Christiaan Triebert, modified,

Geopoliticalmonitor sits down with Hirah Azhar from the Centre for Geopolitics Security in Realism Studies (CGSRS) to discuss the Syria civil war.

Climate Monitor: Drought and the Syrian Civil War

A shepard tends to their flock. Many believe the Syrian civil war to be a result of water conflict.

In this new series of articles for 2016, will explore the links between weather fluctuations and geopolitical conflict.

A Brief History of the Shiite-Sunni Conflict

sunset mosque, cc Flickr Matthias Rhomberg, modified,

A thorough understanding of the current crisis in the Middle East begins at Islam’s great schism and its enduring geopolitical impact.

GPM Outlook 2016: The Beginning of the End for Islamic State?


Though 2015 saw Islamic State manage a string of high-profile victories, the terrorist group’s luck may be running out.

How Will Moscow Respond to Its “Stab in the Back”?

HIND, cc Flickr Airwolfhound, modified,

Will it be ‘business as usual’ or ‘hell hath no fury like a Putin scorned’?

Turkey Shoots Down a Russian Su-24 over Syria

cc mashleymorgan, Flickr, modified,

The post-Paris spirit of détente on global terrorism has proven short-lived.

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