Syrian Civil War

Aleppo: The Key to Ending the Syrian Civil War

A map of Aleppo, a primary battlefield in the Syrian civil war.

The Battle for Aleppo is the ultimate turning point for the Syrian civil war. It’s also a powder keg for relations between Russia and the West.

Interview: Dr. Parag Khanna on US Foreign Policy, Mideast Geopolitics, and Globalization

KENYA, Mombasa: Photograph taken by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 31 July shows a general view of containers inside Mombasa Port on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE. sits down with Dr. Parag Khanna to discuss US foreign policy and the future of globalization.

Fight for the Alawites: The Russia-Iran Rivalry behind the Syrian Civil War

Iran has been heavily involved in the Syrian civil war.

This article explores the Russia-Iran struggle for hearts and minds in the Alawite community, which plays into their wider strategies in the Syrian civil war.

Moscow’s Endgame in the Syrian Civil War

A Putin painting in an exhibition. President Putin's popularity has been boosted by Russia's involvement in Syrian civil war.

For President Putin, the road to a new Russian superpower leads through Syria.

Tunisia: A Water Conflict in the Making?

An olive tree in Sahel, Tunisia. Disruption in the agricultural industry threatens to drive water conflict in this important country in the MENA region.

Drought conditions are driving water conflicts throughout Tunisia, further destabilizing the fragile outpost of democracy in the MENA region.

How the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ Explains Turkey-US Relations

Turkey President Erdogan waves.

Do recent shifts in Turkey-US relations vindicate Samuel Huntington’s controversial thesis of a clash of civilizations?

Russia and Iran: United in Syrian Civil War, Divided in Peace

Russia President Putin and Iran President Rouhani discuss the Syria civil war at a summit.

Different core interests are keeping Iran and Russia from seeing eye-to-eye on Assad’s fate after the Syrian civil war.

Global Forecast (09-19-2016)


Tensions spike in Kashmir, Putin’s United Russia cruises to a big win in parliamentary elections, and the Syria ceasefire deal goes on life support.

Turkey: The Newest Combatant in the Syrian Civil War

Turkey President Recep Erdogan has recently changed his policy toward the Syrian civil war.

Turkey’s entrance into the conflict brings an incendiary new dynamic on the battlefield – and diplomatic headaches for Washington.

Washington Moves to Outsmart Moscow in Syria

Putin_and_Erdoğan, cc modified Presidential Press and Information Office Kremlin, Wikicommons

The United States aims to press the advantage in Syria before any Russia-Turkey reboot takes hold.

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