Syrian Civil War

Russia and Iraqi Kurdistan: Friends without Benefits

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Russia wants to protect its economic interests in Iraqi Kurdistan, but not at the cost of disrupting other key alliances in the MENA region.

Turkey: Syrian Intervention, Regional Resurgence

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This outline explores the regional forces and core interests motivating Turkey’s foray into the Syrian civil war.

Pressured from All Sides, Will Iraqi Kurdistan Back Down?

Barzani, cc Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Wikicommons

The blowback against Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence referendum was swift as it was fierce, with every neighboring state piling pressure on Irbil to back down.

Historical Holocaust: Daesh’s Lasting Legacy

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Daesh’s wanton destruction of cultural relics helped fray the national fabric of countries like Syria and Iraq. It’s now up to the international community to help mend them.

Global Forecast (09-14-2017)


The Astana Talks go in search of a long-term ceasefire for the Syrian civil war, Kenya prepares for a rerun of its presidential elections, and the Chinese economy loses some steam.

President Trump and the Geopolitical World Order: Middle East

President Donald Trump, Voice of america, public domain,, modified,

The geopolitical world order is being remade under President Trump, but not necessarily in the way he intends. This series takes a region-by-region look at US foreign policy and asks: What does the decline of US power and influence mean for the world?

Backgrounder: Russian Sanctions

PutinCAllin, cc,

The past, present, and future of US-EU sanctions and their impact on the Russian economy.

Turkey-Russia Relations: Close, but Not Too Close

PutErd, cc, modified

Ankara and Moscow have found a common cause in the Syrian civil war, but geopolitical disagreements in the South Caucuses and beyond will thwart too close of a détente.

Backgrounder: Qatar Crisis

DohaSkyline, cc Flickr quiquefepe, modified, public domain

The Saudi and Egypt-led blockade of Qatar has been a long time coming.

Turkey Remade in President Erdogan’s Image

erdoflags, cc Flickr Andreas Trojak,, modified,

President Erdogan’s long-sought constitutional changes have passed by the narrowest of margins. What comes next for Turkey?

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