Syrian Civil War

Backgrounder: Russian Sanctions

PutinCAllin, cc,

The past, present, and future of US-EU sanctions and their impact on the Russian economy.

Turkey-Russia Relations: Close, but Not Too Close

PutErd, cc, modified

Ankara and Moscow have found a common cause in the Syrian civil war, but geopolitical disagreements in the South Caucuses and beyond will thwart too close of a détente.

Libyan Exports Rain on OPEC’s Parade

Haftar, cc Flickr Magharebia

New production from Libya is threatening OPEC attempts to support global oil prices.

Backgrounder: Qatar Crisis

DohaSkyline, cc Flickr quiquefepe, modified, public domain

The Saudi and Egypt-led blockade of Qatar has been a long time coming.

Turkey Remade in President Erdogan’s Image

erdoflags, cc Flickr Andreas Trojak,, modified,

President Erdogan’s long-sought constitutional changes have passed by the narrowest of margins. What comes next for Turkey?

Going Mainstream: Trump’s Reckless Reversal on Syria

US Military, public domain, Photo by: Petty Officer 3rd Class Ford Williams,

Trump’s attack on Syria sets the United States on a dangerous course while raising questions about who’s really in charge in Washington.

Chemical Attack a Game-Changer in Syrian Civil War

CC, - Published in sections: News, Transcripts Publication date: October 21, 2015, 09:40 Text version

An apparent chemical attack by the Assad government has thrown a wrench into President Trump’s plans to wind down the Syrian civil war.

Tillerson’s Visit Shows Rift in US-Turkey Relations

CC Flickr Jim Matis, modified,

The United States’ reluctant and largely invisible secretary of state made no apparent progress in his stop in Turkey.

Arab League Summit: King Abdullah’s Delicate Balancing Act

King Abdullah captured at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East held at the Dead Sea in Jordan 18-20 May 2007. Copyright [ World Economic Forum] ([])

King Abdullah’s position isn’t as secure as some Western leaders might assume.

Euphrates Shield Failing to Marginalize Syria’s Kurds

cc wikicommons, Turkish_PM_Recep_Tayyip_Erdogan

An ambitious new force expansion and U.S. and Russian deployments in Kurdish-held territory all suggest that Turkey’s Euphrates Shield is not marginalizing the YPG.

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