Syrian Civil War

Euphrates Shield Failing to Marginalize Syria’s Kurds

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An ambitious new force expansion and U.S. and Russian deployments in Kurdish-held territory all suggest that Turkey’s Euphrates Shield is not marginalizing the YPG.

Amid Bombings, Syria Peace Talks Stall


The Astana talks have not seen the breakthroughs expected after the fall of Aleppo.

Disengagement from the Syrian Civil War Won’t Come Cheap for Russia

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The Kremlin could learn a lot from Washington’s costly adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Empire Strikes Back at Trump’s White House

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President Trump’s foreign policy program risks being bogged down by those who would perpetuate the status quo of US militarism.

What Military Options Are on the Table If Trump Scraps the Iran Nuclear Deal?

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A return to outright antagonism in US-Iran relations brings inevitable speculation about the military option. But the tactical hurdles faced by the US/Israeli air forces have only gotten worse over the past few years.

Decriminalize the Victims, Please

Darfurians refugees in Eastern Chad, cc Flickr European Commission DG ECHO, modified,

Refugees will continue to receive poor treatment unless international regimes are overhauled to improve oversight and enforcement.

What Trump Doctrine Means for the Middle East

King Salman, public domain,,_2013.jpg

After months of campaign promises and policy contradictions, a picture of President Trump’s foreign policy is finally starting to emerge. Here’s what ‘Trump Doctrine’ could mean for the Middle East.

Trump Floats ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria and Yemen

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How US-brokered safe zones could play out in the warzones of Syria and Yemen.

What the Russia-US Detente Will Look Like

160918-N-BB269-036, US Army, public domain,

President Trump is now in office, but it won’t be easy to put Russia-US relations back on a positive track.

Outlook 2017: The Syrian Civil War


2016 ended with a major victory for government forces in Aleppo. Will 2017 be the year that the Syrian civil war draws to a close?

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