Syrian Civil War

Syria: Caught between al-Assad and ISIS

Syria Civil War Graffiti in Homs, cc Freedom House

While the extent of recent polls reflects a turning tide in the Syria conflict, voters were hardly given much of a choice.

The French Bid for Grandeur in the Middle East

President France Francois Hollande

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Emanuele Scimia outlines recent efforts by France to carve out its own geopolitical niche in the Middle East. 

Syria’s Geneva II Talks: Doomed to Fail?


The Geopoliticalmonitor's Zachary Fillingham discusses the hurdles facing this week's "Geneva II" talks.

Forecast 2014: Middle East

Geological map of middle east

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Suzane Mneimneh examines some of the defining political, economic, and military trends for the Middle East in 2014. 

Syria: The Big Winner in an Iran Deal

Picture of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Alessandro Bruno discusses what the Assad regime in Syria stands to gain from a successful outcome in Iran nuclear negotiations. 

Better Late than Never: The UN Agrees on Syria

Empty UN room

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Zachary Fillingham discusses the deal struck between Russia and the United States to take control over Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile. 

The US & Syria: Beyond the Red Line

US President Obama

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Chris Mansur argues that President Obama’s ‘red line’ seriously restricted his administration’s room for maneuver in responding to the strategic imperatives on the ground in Syria, such that he is now forced to demonstrate how a military strike on Syria falls within US national interests. 

A Military Strike on Syria: Possible Scenarios

Destruction of Syrian building

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Suzane Mneimneh examines some of the military options available to the United States should it decide to go ahead with a military strike in Syria.

Syrian Civil War Comes to the Kurds

Iraqi Kurdistan president Barzani, a key player in the Syrian civil war and the conflict in Iraq.

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Zachary Fillingham examines what the worsening refugee situation in Iraqi Kurdistan might mean for Syria's civil war. 

Lebanon Slipping into the Syrian Fire?

Lebanese flag on outline of Lebenon

The Geopoliticalmonitor's Suzane Mneimneh examines how the violence in Syria has begun to spill into neighboring Lebanon. 

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