South Asia Water Politics

China’s Foreign Policy Adrift upon Rivers of Sand

China's Three Gorges Dam, cc Dan Kamminga from Haarlem, Netherlands, modified,

To understand China’s foreign policy toward India and bordering ASEAN countries, one must understand its national water crisis.

India’s Water Crisis: Beyond Chennai

A water truck in Kolhapur, Maharashtra; author: Arne Hückelheim, modified,

For India, the road to great power status is frought with critical water management challenges.

Glacier Watch: Indus Basin


Pakistan’s water issues will go from bad to worse after glaciers in the Indus Basin pass the peak water mark later this century.

Geopolitics in the South China Sea: Expansionism in the Shadow of North Korean Drama

VinsonVietnam, USS Carl Vinson docks in Vietnam's Da Nang port. CC Official U.S. Navy Page Flickr, modified,

With ASEAN sidelined and all eyes on North Korea, Vietnam can only sit and watch as China consolidates its position in the South China Sea.

Cambodia-Laos Border Dispute: Geopolitical Flashpoint or Playing Politics?

CambodiaElection, cc Flickr Michael Coghlan, modified,

The Cambodia-Laos border dispute has a peculiar a way of only flaring up ahead of election season.

The Hidden Price of Interlinking Rivers in India

Boat ride on the Ganges, cc Flickr rusticus80, modified,

Are the economic benefits of India’s interlinking river project worth the massive and largely unquantified ecological risks?

Water Conflict: Indus Water Treaty Up for Debate in India

India Dam, cc Flickr DARSHAN SIMHA, modified,

A 1960 water-sharing treaty between India and Pakistan could be the next casualty of deteriorating bilateral relations.

Science Diplomacy a Crucible for South China Sea Disputes

Barricuda Spiral, cc Flickr Robin Hughes

Given the high ecological stakes and the number of international stakeholders in the region, the time to realize the promise of science diplomacy may now be at hand in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Three International Water Conflicts to Watch

Ilisu Dam floodplain cc Senol Demir

Sustainable development of trans-border waterways has always been daunting for national governments, and climate change is only making things more difficult. Here are three international water conflicts to keep an eye on in the coming years.

Is Bangladesh the Newest Addition to China’s ‘String of Pearls’?

India Navy Flotilla, CC India Navy

Bangladesh may be drifting away from its traditional ally India and right into China’s wider regional plans.

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