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EU Inks Free Trade Deal with Mercosur

Mercosul-04-jul-2005, cc Ricardo Stuckert/PR via, modified,

Completed following decades of negotiation, the deal will create a market of over 770 million people. Was it worth the wait?

Honeymoon Over for Brazil’s Bolsonaro?

cc Flickr Palácio do Planalto, modified, 25/04/2019 Reunião com Abraham Weintraub, Ministro de Estado da ,

With his legislative agenda thwarted by a hostile Congress, President Jair Bolsonaro is now calling his followers to action – and alienating former allies in the process.

Bolsonaro in Brazil: Good News for the US, Setback for China

cc Flickr Senado Federal, modified,

Trump has gained a kindred spirit in South America.

Welcome to the New Age of the Strongman

cc, modified,

Why are despots and dictators of every political persuasion enjoying a renaissance?

Backgrounder: Brazil Elections 2018

Sessão Extraordinária Plenário Ulysses Guimarães Dep. Jair Bolsonaro Foto: Beto Oliveira 30.06.2011 - - modified - Beto Oliveira / Câmara dos Deputados

With a divided presidential field, anything can happen in Brazil’s upcoming presidential elections – and that’s what has investors worried.

OPEC Stabilizes Oil Markets, for Now

Oilwells, cc Flickr Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious, modified,

In Vienna, OPEC+ displayed its greatest strength… and its greatest weakness.

Will the IMF Rescue Macri’s ‘Gradual Austerity’ in Argentina?

Macri, cc Flickr Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, modified,

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri talked the talk of market liberalization, but his government has walked right into another IMF bailout.

Global Forecast (05-28-2018)


Another attempt at Taliban talks in Afghanistan, Venezuela’s oil industry struggles to fulfil its contracts, and Turkey secures a YPG pullout from Manbij.

Bellicose Rhetoric & Brutal Sanctions Not the Way to Help Venezuela

A Venezuela protest in Cologne, cc Flickr Scoobay, modified,

Did President Trump’s hard line against Venezuela inadvertently help re-elect Maduro?

Call Them by Their Name—Fleeing Venezuelans are Refugees, not Migrants

VenezColomMarch, cc Flickr Policía Nacional de los colombianos, modified,

It’s time to invoke the Cartagena Declaration and provide Venezuelans stranded abroad with the legal protections and funding they need.

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