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Canada Steps Out of Peacekeeper Role and into the Unknown

CF-18-2, cc Flickr Perry Quan, modified

The Harper government has shifted Canadian foreign policy from ‘peacekeeper’ to ‘player’ in the Middle East and beyond. But is the Canadian military ready for a more assertive role on the world stage?

Assad’s Forces on the Retreat in Syria

Assad Portrait, cc Freedom House

The fall of the Mastouma army base in northwestern Idlib province is just the latest in a string of government defeats at the hands of rebel forces in Syria.

Map: The Ramadi Offensive


Two maps that help explain Islamic State's Ramadi offensive.

What the Fall of Ramadi Means

cc CPL WILLIAM I. SALAZAR, USMC, wikicommons

Whether they keep the city or not; the damage is already done. The fall of Ramadi is a major setback in the war against Islamic State.

Lausanne Accord to Open the Lucrative Iran Market, Remake the Middle East

Kerry Zarif, cc Flickr UNVIE,

Détente between Iran and the West is transforming the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, and governments and investors the world over are scrambling to profit from the new normal.

How Many Euro-Jihadists Are Really in Syria?

Mohammed Emwazi, or

The number of European jihadists operating in Syria has been dramatically underestimated.

Baathism May Be Dead But Its Essence Lives On in Islamic State

Fall of Saddam, cc Flickr, Amir Farshad Ebrahimi

Baathism may be dead in Iraq and endangered in Syria, but its tools and beliefs live on inside the Islamic State.

Backgrounder: Islamic State’s Global Operations and Affiliates


This backgrounder examines the growing network of official and unofficial Islamic State affiliates around the world.

Map: Syrian Civil War (04-08-2015)


Recent movements, attacks, and territory shifts in the Syrian civil war.

The Islamic State’s Theater of the Grotesque

Islamic State Video, screencap

We are all invited to the theater of the grotesque.

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