US Inflation Persists in August


The latest US inflation numbers suggest that the high-rate environment will be anything but fleeting.

US Natural Gas Prices Hit 14-Year High


It’s a price reckoning that European consumers are already all too familiar with, and now US consumers are starting to feel the pain of high natural gas prices.

Plot Thickens for ECB: Inflation Remains Strong in Spain and Germany


The latest data suggests that price increases have yet to peak in Europe.

Ending America’s Trade War with China Won’t Stop Inflation

cc US Trade Representative, modified,

Tariffs are questionable economic policy, but their role in inflation is minimal.

US Inflation Hits 40-Year High


The result heaps further pressure on the Fed to move up the schedule of its rate normalization.

Agricultural Commodity Prices Surge through 2021


Weather, supply chain shortages, and geopolitics are combining to drive up prices for major agricultural exports around the world.

Emerging Markets Hike Rates to Get Ahead of Inflation


Though central banks have approached the problem with different levels of urgency.

Global Forecast (10-18-2021)


China’s growth slowdown, a new ‘Sputnik moment,’ and global stagnation fears amid higher energy prices.

SNAPSHOT: Inflation Week in Review


Reviewing noteworthy data releases from a big week in inflation indicators around the world.

Brazil Inflation Maintains Momentum through July


Inflation persists in Brazil despite extremely proactive efforts by the central bank to keep prices in check.

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