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Bin Salman’s Feud with Canada Puts an End to the Prince’s Reformist Image

MBS2, cc Flickr U.S. Department of State, modified,

The biggest casualty of the Canada-Saudi Arabia rift is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s reputation as a reformer.

Yes, Yemen is Our Fault

Yemenairstrike, cc Almigdad Mojalli/VOA, modified,

It’s time for the United States to stop being part of the problem in Yemen’s disastrous civil war, and start being part of the solution.

Thailand: Southeast Asia’s Forgotten Human Rights Crisis

cc Flickr World Travel & Tourism Council, modified,

Thailand’s relative stability should not put it beyond the pale of international criticism over its human rights record.

The Long Road to Justice for Sri Lanka Civil War Victims

Sri Lanka, cc Flickr Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, modified,

Victims on both sides of the Sri Lanka civil war are still searching for closure.

What to Expect from the Trump-Xi Summit

Trump2015, cc Flickr Michael Vadon, modified,

Which will prevail during President Trump’s visit to the Middle Kingdom – style or substance?

Iran Clergy Unrepentant as Power Transfers in the United States

iranusembassy, cc Flickr Kamyar Adl, modified,

Iran’s clergy is still bragging following an ineffectual Iran nuclear deal.

Breaking Down US Relations with Ethiopia

Map of Ethiopia and region.

US relations with a longstanding ally in Ethiopia are being strained by growing instability and sectarian conflict.

Egypt’s War on Human Rights NGOs Escalates in New Verdict

A human rights protestor in Egypt carries an Egyptian flag.

The reopening of a 2011 case against human rights NGOs is just a legal pretext for state agencies to smear the only remaining voices which are critical of the government’s policies.

Rage over Sochi Anti-Gay Law Precisely What Putin Wants

Public Resistance to Anti Gay Law

Examining how Vladimir Putin has used Russia's anti-gay law to deflect other criticisms during the Sochi Games.

Europe and the Arab Spring that Never Sprung

Map and flag of European Union

Examining the link between European identity and the Arab Spring.

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