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Indonesian policemen prepare to fire tea

Indonesia in the Shadow of Suharto’s Legacy
Adriano Marchese

It has been almost 15 years since Suharto stepped down as President of Indonesia. The country has since boasted unprecedented economic growth, maturing democratic values and a steady rise in living standards. But this story of democratic success is often obscured by two elements of Suharto’s legacy that Jakarta is still struggling to cope with: fragile political institutions and military interference in the political process, says Adriano Marchese of

Indonesia Lady Gaga

Indonesia: Middle Eastern Role Model?
Zachary Fillingham

Indonesia has been held up as a role model that Middle Eastern countries could learn some lessons from when it comes to reconciling democracy with Islam.  But is there any truth to this claim, or is it merely a case of wishful thinking on the part of Western leaders, asks Zachary Fillingham of

Egyptian youth voters

Egyptian Youth Hopeful
Deena Adel

Egypt’s presidential race has begun, with millions of Egyptians ready to take part in May 2012’s historic elections. For the first time in their lives, Egypt’s youth will witness a president other than Hosni Mubarak.

Armed North Korean Soldiers

Divided Over North Korean Refugees
Sokeel J Park

How to deal with North Korean refugees is currently one of the hottest issues in China and South Korea’s bilateral relationship. It exposes the dilemma facing China of how to deal with two very different political halves of the divided Korean peninsula, and the resulting constraints on regional cooperation in Asia.


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