Global Tin Market

DRC Ebola Cases Spike amid Rebel Attacks


Infections have more than doubled since aid operations were disrupted by a wave of rebel attacks.

New Ethnic Clashes Erupt in DR Congo

Ituri, CC Monusco Flickr, modified,

Renewed violence between the Hema and Lendu tribes is drawing disturbing parallels to one of the bloodiest wars in Africa’s history.

Conflict Minerals and Global Supply Chains: The Tin Market

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As global demand for tin increases, so too does pressure on tin producers to comply with ethical supply legislation, particularly in hotspots like the Democratic Republic of Congo.

DR Congo’s Political Transition Falters

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The death of a popular opposition politician is allowing the Kabila regime to drag its feet on political transition.

Security Vacuum in Eastern DRC Sapping Economic Potential

EasternDRC, cc Flickr MONUSCO Photos, modified,

Armed groups continue to prey on local populations in the eastern DRC and frustrate any possibility of economic development.

An Election Crisis in Democratic Republic of Congo Could Mean War

Joseph Kabila, cc Flickr MONUSCO Photos

As the regime of Joseph Kabila heads towards its last year in power, a neighboring head of state has just survived provoking a constitutional crisis in order to avoid stepping down. Does Burundi's constitutional seizure foreshadow an electoral crisis next year in its giant neighbor?

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