TAP Pipeline: Look Who’s Switching Off the Gas This Time


It's not Moscow, but the new government in Rome that might be turning off the TAP and dooming the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project.

Backgrounder: Nord Stream 2


Key background information on Nord Stream 2, the energy pipeline that was center stage at this week’s NATO summit.

Gazprom’s New Strategy of Control: Recapturing the EU Gas Market

Gazprom Logo

Energy Union was struck a blow by the Brexit, but it can still bounce back.

Israel’s Growing Regional Isolation

Middle East Map, cc Flickr, opendemocracy

Despite Israel and Hamas’ separate announcements of a ceasefire in Gaza, prospects for a regional peace ensuring Israeli stability and security are likely to collapse, resulting in the escalation of Islamic extremism and Israel’s increasing isolation.

Israel Losing the PR War with Hamas

israelflag, cc Flickr,, Justin Laberge, modified,

As allegations of war crimes mount and anti-Israeli protests sweep across the globe, Israel appears to be losing its PR offensive against Hamas.  Meanwhile, a new generation of Palestinians scarred by the war will increasingly turn to militancy, resulting in perpetual conflict in the region.

Mumbai Terrorist Attacks

A memorial following the 2008 Mumbai attacks, cc Flickr Vivek Patankar, modified,

Wednesday, November 24th's dramatic terrorist attacks and siege of Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, threatens to unravel the precarious progress towards peace between nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.

Nicaragua Bolsters FARC

Daniel Ortega, cc Flickr Eden, Janine and Jim, modified,

In contrast to previous bellicose posturing, Nicaragua’s leftist president offered on Wednesday to mediate talks on behalf of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in an effort to end Colombia’s 44-year civil conflict. 

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