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Will Brexit Open the Door for an EU Army?

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The United Kingdom often scuttled attempts at greater EU integration on security matters, but the prospect of an EU Army will remain daunting after Brexit.

NATO’s Make-or-Break Moment

NATO Dragoon Ride 2016 Latvia, cc Flickr Kārlis Dambrāns, modified,

There’s a much more cost-effective option than pursuing an EU army: boosting defense budgets under the auspices of NATO.

EU Military (December 6, 2018)

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Zac and Nick discuss the consolidation of the EU's defense industry, and whether or not the dream of an 'EU army' can ever actually be realized.

Arms Trade: A Global Buyers’ Market

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The US, Russia, and China may be the world’s largest arms exporters, but other states are now coming around on the economic perks of a military industrial complex.

Munich Shows More Cracks in the Transatlantic Alliance

A U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon deployed from the 177th Fighter Wing, NJ Air National Guard, prepares to launch from Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, on Nov 28, 2011. U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Matt Hecht

The Munich Security Conference was supposed to underscore the ties that bind the transatlantic alliance. Instead, it emphasized what’s pulling it apart.

Takeaways from the European Defense Industry Summit

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Europe’s leaders are increasingly worried about their deteriorating external security environment, and their concern is starting to reflect in EU policy.

EU Army Gets a Boost from Trump Presidency

juncker, cc Flickr European People's Party, modified, Some rights reserved

Donald Trump’s victory has turned the concept of transatlantic solidarity on its head.

Exit Britain, Enter the EU Army?

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The UK takes its veto with it when it leaves the EU, paving the way for a possible EU army. Should NATO be worried?

Brexit: Could a Messy Divorce Damage NATO?

NATOlith, cc Flickr Holger Vaga, modified,

Brexit doesn’t just impact the future of EU unity, but potentially that of NATO as well.

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