Environmental Disaster

North Korea Nuclear Test Site Collapses, Risking Fallout

DPRK22, cc Conan Mizuta - https://pixabay.com/en/north-korea-pyongyang-building-2662076/

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un garnered universal praise when he announced a halt of nuclear tests. It turns out he never had a choice in the matter.

Canada and the Global Water Crisis: A GPM Interview


FLOW Program Manager Nancy Goucher provides an overview of the pressing water issues facing Canada and the wider world, such as aquifer depletion, farming pressures, and mass migration.

River Erosion along the India–Bangladesh Border: A Source of Violent Conflict

River bordering India and Bangladesh

River erosion along the border often triggers violent conflicts between India and Bangladesh.

Arms Race in the Georgia ‘Pipeline’

Location of Georgia Pipeline

In recent years the United States and a handful of its western allies have fostered closer military and political ties to Georgia, going as far as promoting Georgia’s membership in NATO.

A Tale of Two Conferences

Copenhagen and Durban Environmental Conferences

Copenhagen and Durban: two conferences with two totally different sets of expectations. In the short amount of time between them, hope has collapsed under the weight of global cynicism. What a difference two years can make.  

The Coming Food Shocks: Averting Crisis

responding to global food crises

The international community currently stands at a crossroads, and the path we choose will impact food security for the next 50 years.

The Coming Food Shocks: Background

global food shocks

The food crisis of 2008 was never resolved; it was merely put on hold by a global financial meltdown.

BP’s Coverup and Propaganda Campaign

BP logo over areal footage of oil spill

Since BP announced that CEO Tony Hayward would receive a multi-million dollar golden parachute and be replaced by Bob Dudley, we have witnessed an incredibly broad, and powerful, propaganda campaign.

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