Chinese Military Power

The Significance of Xi Jinping’s First Military Parade

Beijing2009 Military Parade, cc Flickr Dan

September will mark the first Chinese military parade under the leadership of Xi Jinping, an event that will have geopolitical significance for domestic and international audiences.

Japan Looks to Southeast Asia to Counter China’s Assertiveness

Okinawa Port, cc Flickr Marion Doss

The Abe government is looking to expanded defense cooperation with Southeast Asian nations as a way to counter China’s growing assertiveness and military clout in the region.

China-Vietnam Relations: Rising Panda Hidden Angst

USA Vietnam Naval Exercises

Daniel Bodirsky examines the historical context of Vietnam’s apprehension towards its powerful northern neighbor.

Forecast 2014: Northeast Asia

Three Northeast Asian ships in ocean

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Zachary Fillingham examines some of the defining political, economic, and military trends for Northeast Asia in 2014. 

Sino-Indian Relations: The Geopolitics of Aksai Chin

Line of Actual Control

Examining the geopolitical significance of the disputed area of Aksai Chin along the Sino-Indian border.

World Briefing, April 2013


A list of some of the critical economic and security issues facing the world in April 2013, covering: North Korea, Japan, China, the Central African Republic, Cyprus, India, Pakistan, Argentina, and Myanmar.

China: Enter the Xi Jinping Administration

President of China

We examine the early face of the Xi Jinping administration and ask whether or not it might reveal some policy direction to come.

Australia’s National Security Paper: A Case of Lost Opportunities?

View underneath helicopter

Policymakers in Canberra have missed a big opportunity with Australia's national security paper.

The Economic and Military Implications of Japan’s Elections

Japanese Prime Minister

The Liberal Democratic Party’s Shinzo Abe emerged as the big winner in last week’s elections in Japan. But any forecast of the next four years of LDP rule must begin with the question: where exactly does the rhetoric end and the real policy begin?

What to Expect from China’s New Leadership

General Secretary Communist Party of China

Here's what can expect from the new Xi Jinping administration.

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