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Taiwan’s Status Quo Buckles under Pelosi Visit

USS Ronald Reagan, modified,, cc US Navy

A tense visit from US Speaker Nancy Pelosi is serving to underline how longstanding certainties no longer hold true in the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing’s Mission to Make China’s Youth More Chinese

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The Xi administration has moved to consolidate CCP control over classrooms across the country.

Population Decline: The New Normal in China’s Demographics?

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China’s demographic decline is a tale long foretold, but it was never meant to happen quite so soon.

China Scrambles to Contain COVID-19 Outbreak ahead of Lunar New Year

The platforms of Shijiazhuang Railway Station., cc modified, wikicommons Windmemories,

Mass lockdowns and temporary COVID-19 hospitals have returned to China, and the timing couldn’t be worse.

Data Puts China’s Recovery Prospects in Doubt

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The first official data has been published outlining the economic hit to China from COVID-19, and it’s considerably worse than many were expecting.

Hong Kong Protests: Echoes of Tiananmen Square

HKLeninWall, cc Flickr Studio Incendo, modified,

Hong Kong’s quest for identity recognition, transparency, good governance, and rule-of-law is starting to resemble one of the darkest moments in China’s modern history.

Ghosts of Occupy Haunt the Hong Kong Authorities

HKProtest, HF9631, modifeid,

In an echo of 2014, protesters marching en masse in Hong Kong. And this time they might actually achieve their goal.

Huawei’s ‘Teachable Moment’ on Public Diplomacy

HuaweiOffice, cc Flickr, modified, public domain

The Chinese telecom’s public diplomacy blitz in the United States has room for improvement.

Backgrounder: A Brief History of China’s United Front

MaoTuong1, cc

Xi Jinping has dusted off an old ‘magic weapon’ to wage political warfare at home and abroad. Here’s a brief history of the global influencing operation that surprisingly few have heard of.

US-China Trade Deal (March 9, 2019)

GPM-placeholder-podcast-bold copy

Zac and Nick discuss whether the rumored terms of the US-China trade deal are a win for the Trump administration.

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