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Canada’s Feud with the Saudis Will Inevitably End in Happy Hypocrisy

SD meets KSA, cc Flickr James N. Mattis, modified,

The only question is: How long before Canada gives in?

FLASH: Inflation Ticks Upward in Canada

Canadian 10-dollar bill, cc Flickr KMR Photography, modfied,

Creeping inflation could force the Bank of Canada’s hand on an interest rate hike come April.

Canada’s Oil Exports are Dead without US Shale Production

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How is it that Canada could be dependent on US oil production?

Canadian Oil Is Building a Wall and Mexico Is Paying for It

usrefinery, cc Flickr eflon, modified,

Mexico and Canada are waging a silent battle for market share in the US crude oil refining market, and Canada is winning.

Misery Deepens in Canada’s Oil Patch

albertaflag, cc Flickr Jerry

The prolonged dip in global energy prices has combined with natural disasters to extend the economic misery in Canada’s oil patch.

Canada Prime Minister Trudeau Embarks on Key China Visit

ShipCa, cc Flickr Roel Hemkes, modified,

Trudeau’s first visit to the Middle Kingdom will set the tone for China-Canada relations in the years to come.

Enhanced Oil Recovery: Cleaning up “Dirty” Oil

Sunderr, cc Flickr Paul Lowry, modified,

The vilification of oil is bad for perception but good for business for the largest oil companies.

Winners and Losers in a Global Energy Shift to Renewables

By U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Nadine Y. Barclay - NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE website - Solar panels connect to base electric gridorignial image, Public Domain,

If the global economy takes a hard turn towards renewables in the decades to come, some countries will benefit more than others.

Flash: Oil Sites around Canada’s Fort McMurray Evacuated

By DarrenRD [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The reprieve was short-lived; wildfire is once again threatening key facilities around Canada’s Fort McMurray.

GPM Outlook 2016: A Turbulent Year for the Canadian Economy

Trudeau22, cc Flickr Renegade98, modified,

Can Prime Minister Trudeau’s “sunny ways” permeate through the economic gloom gathering over Canada in 2016?

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