In Falling Birthrates, Japan Faces an Existential Crisis

November 16, 2017

Amitava Mukherjee

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The trend of a rapidly dwindling population is the most serious challenge that Shinzo Abe will face in his third-term as prime minister of Japan. Yet this phenomenon is a direct outcome of the development model Japan has chosen for itself, one where a great majority of the country’s women have lost the urge to have a healthy sex life and rear children. By the end of the previous decade, Japan’s population had peaked at the whopping 128 million mark. But by 2015, the country had lost one million people, and in 2016, Japan recorded less than one million new births for the first time in its history.

This is no sudden development. The country now has 40 percent less newborn children than in 1949; it has been a long and gradual decline.

With an average life expectancy of 87 years, Japan is now the most senior citizen of the world. But it has been estimated that with its low birth rate, the population of the country could drop to as low as 80 million by 2060. This is sure to have a catastrophic bearing on the national economy and finance as social security has already been consuming one-third of budget spending and public debt has reached a level of more than double of Japan’s GDP.

But why is the population of Japan shrinking so rapidly? The simple answer is that a large number of Japanese males and females are not interested in sex at all, which is otherwise part and parcel of the life of a normal human being. This is a direct outcome of the high-speed capitalist development model that Japan has adopted since the end of WWII. Too much workload, fatigue, and very little social security have resulted in men and women losing the will to procreate.

As a corollary to this, the institution of family has come under threat. Various other social and psychological factors are also standing in the way of population increase. According to a survey from Japan’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research (NIPSSR) released last year, 70 percent of unmarried men and 60 percent of unmarried women in the 18-34 age group are not in any kind of romantic relationship. Moreover an earlier NIPSSR survey revealed that 90 percent of Japanese women want to stay single. The figure becomes more revealing when one takes into account that 70 percent of women leave their jobs after the birth of their first child. Not that the Japanese ladies do this gladly. But they have to accept such an eventuality because they get very little maternity security raising their child, from neither the state nor their employers. The end result is that they are gradually losing the will to marry.

This trend is a direct threat to Japan’s future because the country still cherishes traditional values and births outside of marriage are rare. So there shouldn’t be much surprise in the fact, as brought out by another NPSSR survey, that 68 percent of Japanese women in the age group 18-19 years have no sexual experience. This tallies with the traditional East Asia value system. But as one moves toward higher age groups, surprises come to the fore. Strange as it may sound, but sex is not a favored word with a large segment of Japanese women nowadays. To understand this trend, we can fall back upon an earlier survey from the Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA). The figures are revealing. How can one explain the finding of the JFPA survey that 46 percent women in the age group 16-25 years are not interested in sex?  Only 29.3 percent of never married women aged 25-29 have had sex and the corresponding figure for women aged 30-34 is 23.8 percent. And here lies the real threat to Japan: when women belonging to the 20-34 age group, the most virile time in any man or woman’s life, become disinterested in having a sex life and procreating, the country may find itself in social and economic turmoil in the near future.

So sex and marriage are gradually on their way to becoming taboos in Japan. There are reasons behind it. Performance-driven Japanese society have made its men and women workaholics. They tire themselves out from 9 AM to 5 PM. Then there are regular overtimes until 7 PM. After that there is another two hours of socialization. So when they come back to their residence they are totally exhausted.

So it is not surprising that fatigue has weighed upon 21.3 percent of men and 17.8 percent of women and contributed to their growing distaste for sex. For 23.8 percent of women, sex is now a bothersome thing and 15.7 percent men are not interested in it after the birth of their first child.

A grim battle lies ahead for Shinzo Abe. If Japan is to survive as a nation, then birth rates per woman need to rise to at least 1.8 from the current rate of 1.4. Already 27.7 percent of Japan’s population is 65 or older and by 2060 they will constitute 38 percent of the population. So there will not be enough able bodied people to keep the economy going, let alone produce surplus growth.

Shinzo Abe has introduced several policies to cut down excessive working hours. He has also taken some steps to provide child care facilities in order to encourage women to fill up vacancies in the country’s number of workforce. But the progress is still far from satisfactory if an economic crisis is to be averted.


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  • dave3200

    Sounds like Japan needs to import people who like to procreate… just like the EU has been doing recently. How long will it be before the U.S. faces the same problem?

    • Indeed, beware of advice of global socialists, that scenario you cite is far worse than anything going on in Japan now.

      • dave3200

        My remarks were spoken with a bit of cynicism. There are a myriad of ways to adjust to the problem. But, they are unlikely to be found within current political climates.

        • Yes, I caught the cynicism and comment. Laughed in fact, I agree.

      • Al Hope

        Yeah, the Marxist Mass Immivasion Schemes are already ethnically cleansed every population of Europeans on earth for 50 long years and running. As such, demand ZERO Legal Immigration, and all variants of the Marxist’s psychopathic immivasion schemes.

    • Al Hope

      Your genocidal, Marxist-inspired, ethnic cleansing policy of importing replacement civilizations is really going out of favor. The Europeans everywhere on earth are awakening to this genocidal con job real fast. Be on the right side of history and stop supporting ethnic cleansing operations sooner rather than later.

      The Japanese can grow their own Japanese whenever they start feeling less crowded.

    • MountainMan

      Why in God’s name would they want to “import people”? You mean black Africans, Muslims, and Arabs, and central Asians? That’s Insane! Look at how the illegal alien invasion has ruined Europe!

      The falling birth rate will HELP them in the long run. Their country is overcrowded. The smaller numbers of people will do them good.

  • Debbie G

    Do Japanese couples also have difficulty finding housing that will support two or more children? I

  • Gilberto1915

    The world has far too many people; this race to increase national populations is idiotic; the Japanese GDP per person and productivity per worker is more than respectable; the growth of GDP per person is quite high compared to other industrialized countries. If robots are arriving and can help look after the old, then there is really no problem. Other countries should follow the Japanese model. Behind this cult of population growth is an ideology – more profits to be had if the population is growing – or a religion, let us have more souls to save and send to heaven. The Japanese are not monotheists so the second argument doesn’t hold. The Japanese are quite rich already, and don’t need to race upwards in the ever spiraling of GDP and population growth which just destroys the ecological and natural framework which we all need if we are to survive. The Japanese would do well to get to a cruising speed and stabilize their population somewhere below what it now is. And there is no need for them to import people. Let us let Japan just be Japan. Multicultural societies – such as the one I live in (Canada) – can be splendid; but they are not for everyone and they are not a God-given necessity.

    • Al Hope

      Correct, Japan had 40, 80 and 120 million people in 1900, 1950, and 2000, respectively. They will still be beautifully Japanese if they feel too crowded and choose to let their population fall back by tens of millions this century.

      Above all, Europeans must reclaim their ability to exist as homogeneous populations, just the the other 92% of humanity still has. End the Euro-cleanse by demanding ZERO Legal Immigration in to European populations.

  • IP Shears

    Sad. Japanese people are exhausted because they are slaves of US corporate-originated competition. I hope that they will realise that God’s word suggests this system is VERY shortly to cease and NO – NONE AT ALL – US corporations will ever be seen on Earth for eternity. Life will be a big improvement and kids will be a great blessing and NOT a set of trophies meet for executive promotion.

    • MountainMan

      The US has nothing to do with it. This is the way that the Japanese ARE. It’s part of their CULTURE, and they must change it THEMSELVES.

      • IP Shears

        OK. Rothschild central banking.

        • MountainMan

          Now THAT I could go along with :–)

  • Well, maybe the theory that 2.2 kids per couple is mandatory for a growing economy is wrong. Maybe in the future increases in productivity will solve this problem, humans will have more leisure time and less work merely due to the technological advances.

    • MountainMan

      You make sense, Lance.

    • Anti


  • Al Hope

    The beauty of the Japanese is that they kept their country. The Japanese still have their very own ethno-state, just like 92% of humanity. Meanwhile, the largest ethnic cleansing operation in human history has been committed by the Genocidal Marxist Overlords in occupation of almost every European population on earth.

    For 50 long years, the Marxist’s Mass Immivasion Operations have been running, resulting in the European being eugenically engineered in the super duper, multi-CULT replacement civilization. There are almost no European majority cities left…the Euro kids have been purged into minority in their newer territories and their ancient homelands.

    End the Cleanse. Demand ZERO Legal Immigration into European populations. And as for Japan, they was nothing wrong with them doubling their population and their is nothing wrong with them decreasing their population.

    • MountainMan

      Well said, Al Hope. See: YouTube.

      Japan’s Top Economist – Sweden Was Ruined By Immigrants

  • Al Hope

    Interestingly, no mention of the impact of contraceptives or the overcrowding that Japan’s population boom, both of which should have measurable influence on present day birth-rate.

  • MountainMan

    The Japanese are literally working themselves to death. Some serious changes are in order.

  • Anti

    This is exactly what the ZIONISTS and their Agenda 21 are after, population cull down to 500 million, other than themselves and families of course.
    how’s their CHEMTRAIL spraying going over there in Japan, making them sterile I suspect as it is in America..


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