Key Dates

May 31 – Canada Q1 current account.

May 31 – China Caixin manufacturing PMI for May. Polled economists expect the numbers come down slightly from April’s consensus-beating 51.9 rating. The extent to which they do will help tell the story of how rising commodity prices might be chipping away at China’s largely export-driven economic recovery.

June 1 – Royal Bank of Australia (RBA) interest rate decision. The rate is expected to hold firm at 0.1%, as the RBA pledged to maintain the current level for at least three years in November, despite the fact that surging housing prices are now causing some consternation according to the bank’s internal deliberations.

June 1 – Germany manufacturing PMI and unemployment data for May.

June 1 – UK manufacturing PMI for May.

June 1 – Euro zone Consumer Price Index (CPI) YoY for May.

June 1 – Canada GDP YoY for March.

June 1 – US Institute of Supply Management (ISM) manufacturing PMI for May.

June 1 – Bank of England public statement.