The BBC seems to be unaware that it is complicit in a Turkish and (likely) Russian attack on Dutch sovereignty. On March 15, the Dutch will go to the polls in the most important global election since the US presidential election late last year. Geert Wilders, a longstanding member of the Dutch parliament, yet abject racist as defined by the Dutch Supreme Court in 2009, has a distinct chance of ascending to power in The Netherlands.

Media reports are unambiguous in their assessment of Russian interference in the US elections. Short-lived National Security Advisor Ret. General Michael Flynn is often the key scene-setter for what appear to be convincing narratives surrounding corruption, espionage, and possibly even treason within the Trump administration.

Indeed, over the past few days, Gen. Flynn’s lawyers have “formally registered” Flynn “and admitted that he had lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government as recently as November 2016.”

Isn’t it curious that all of a sudden, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, the increasingly obtuse and emergent dictator (and, coincidentally, Flynn’s ‘former’ employer), has engaged in an unprecedented tirade on the Dutch government on the eve of its most relevant election in decades? And should Wilders’ actually win – wouldn’t it be convenient if Europe had a Trump clone?

The BBC has been reporting all of the nonsense spouting out from Erdogan’s mouth daily; as have others such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Independent.

Have we not learned anything? Really?

On the eve of the most relevant election in 21st century Dutch politics, an election that could very well have serious ramifications for the rest of Europe and the future of the EU, do we really think that the timing of such a charade is an accident? Did we learn nothing whatsoever from the Trump disaster of media reportage?

Apparently not.

I refuse to repeat the absurdities uttered by Mr. Erdogan and his cronies. It would only serve to perpetuate the nonsensical fear mongering of tyrants who are seemingly hell-bent on tearing the fabric of the Western world apart.

However, I must simultaneously condemn the press for being so foolish.

Stop giving these people a voice if their only purpose is to create division, racial tension, and violence.

Do not report insanity.

Do not report fabrication.

Please stop.
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