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Afghan Political Gridlock Raises the Threat of Civil War

GhaniAbdullah, cc Wikipedia U.S. Department of State

If Afghanistan doesn’t break the political gridlock of its ‘hybrid presidential system’ soon, civil war might return to the long suffering country.

Afghanistan: Battle for the Silk Road

Ashraf_Ghani, cc Wikicommons

A sudden uptick in Taliban attacks in northern Afghanistan has some worried about the security of the Silk Road initiative.

Elephant in the Jirga: Iran’s Interests in Afghanistan

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, Wikicommons, cc Визит в Исламскую Республику Иран. Второй Каспийский саммит

Discussion has often focused on the dynamics of the Afghanistan-Pakistan-India triangle. But there’s another contender in the arena of Afghan politics – Iran.

Pakistan, India, and the Secret War for Afghanistan


Arch-rivals India and Pakistan have a lot at stake in the future of Afghan politics.

A Brief History of Afghanistan

Enduring Freedom CC US Army

Despite NATO’s twelve-year effort to establish a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, the country remains fragile, and Taliban militia groups are still capable of launching major attacks against key strategic regions in Kabul and other major Afghan cities.

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