Jacqueline Côté

Canadian Miners on the Road to Accountability

Canadian Parliament, cc Kumar Appaiah, Flickr, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Recent developments in Ottawa and the courts count as a step towards establishing a culture of accountability for Canadian mining companies operating abroad.

Pakistan Attacks Signal Return of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

Crescent moon and star on Pakistani flag

The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan may have faded into the background over the past decade, but two high-profile airport attacks in Pakistan suggest that the militant group has returned as a threat.

As US Forces Leave Manas, the Great Game Stirs in Central Asia

Flag of Kyrgyzstan

If there’s one thing Moscow hates, it’s other countries encroaching into Russian territory, especially those against which it sees itself as competing for influence and power.

Two Mineral Trade Disputes with Market Implications

Freeport Indonesia Surface Mine, cc Richarderari

China’s rare earth mineral quota and Indonesia’s metal export ban are both proving a headache for importers in the developed world.

Xinjiang Unrest: Impact on Regional Energy Security

A gas station in China's Xinjiang Province.

A recent spate of attacks in China’s restive Xinjiang province has some worried about the long-term risk to regional energy supplies.

Investor Alert: Red Flags in Kazakhstan


Geopoliticalmonitor.com’s Jacqueline Côté predicts growing instability in not just Kazakhstan’s energy industry, but its political establishment as well.

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