Arthur Moore

Japan Looks to Southeast Asia to Counter China’s Assertiveness

Okinawa Port, cc Flickr Marion Doss

The Abe government is looking to expanded defense cooperation with Southeast Asian nations as a way to counter China’s growing assertiveness and military clout in the region.

Australia Losing Its Middle-Power Status

cc Flickr Tony Abbot

Current trends suggest that Australia will soon lose the ability to behave like a middle power on the world stage.

Predicting Australia’s Next Defense White Paper

Australian U.S. Air Force Jets

The Geopoliticalmonitor’s Arthur Moore discusses some of the material that will likely find its way into the Abbott government’s defense white paper.

The Asia Pivot: Old Policy, New Name

Asia Pivot ships at port

There's absolutely nothing that's new in the Obama administration's "Asia pivot."

Australia’s Response to a Rising China

Australian soldiers

Arthur Moore discusses the options available to Australian defence planners as they try to adapt to geopolitical shifts in the Asia Pacific region.

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