Tracing Sudan’s Geopolitical History in the MENA

MENAMap2, cc Flickr Image Editor, cc 2.0

Part one of a two-part series, this article explores Sudan’s history in the MENA as well as the possibility of Shiite-Sunni geopolitical cooperation.

The Reality of Fighting Nuclear Terror

Modi, CC Flickr Global Panorama

Prime Minister Modi pushes on with his lone struggle to sound the alarm on global terrorism.

The Saudi Connection in the Belgium Attacks

CCTV footage of the Belgium attacks suspects. Public Domain.

Anyone familiar with the rise of Islamic extremism in Belgium would not be surprised by last week’s attacks.

Wahhabism, ISIS, and the Saudi Connection

By U.S. Department of State from United States - Secretary Kerry Sits With Saudi King Salman Before Bilateral Meeting in Riyadh, Public Domain, $3

A look at the religious-political deal at the heart of Saudi society, and how it’s contributing to global terrorism.

A Brief History of the Shiite-Sunni Conflict

sunset mosque, cc Flickr Matthias Rhomberg, modified, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

A thorough understanding of the current crisis in the Middle East begins at Islam’s great schism and its enduring geopolitical impact.

Beyond Paris, Fascism is the Real Enemy for EU

A massive protest in France following the Charlie Hebdo massacre; one of many across the continent as citizens of the European Union fight to define their future.

The Charie Hebdo massacre in Paris shows that the European Union must resume its historical mission against the forces of fascism.

The Islamic State: Is History Rhyming?


To truly understand the rise of Islamic State we must look back at the historical origins of its doctrine.

Saudi Arabia & Islamic State: Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Saudi Arabia Flag - cc Nicolas Raymond

Though the Saudi government may have been amenable to the rise of ISIS back when the militant group was seen as curbing Iranian influence in the region, recent developments in Iraq have likely changed a few minds in the Kingdom.

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