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Fifth Times a Charm? Denuclearization Diplomacy Returns to the Korean Peninsula

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A spirit of détente has descended on the Korean Peninsula, but will it be any different from past experience?

Global Forecast (02-23-2017)


A sign of things to come in US-Mexico relations, more Greek bailout tensions, and China picks up where it left off in the South China Sea dispute.

The Empire Strikes Back at Trump’s White House

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President Trump’s foreign policy program risks being bogged down by those who would perpetuate the status quo of US militarism.

Congress Prepares a Wish List for US Defense Spending

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President Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress have found common cause in increasing US defense spending. Here’s where some of the money could go.

Will Monroe Doctrine Die with the Trump Presidency?

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How will Latin America be affected by Trump’s foreign policy?

Trump, Exceptionalism, and the Russian Boogeyman in US Foreign Policy

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How different will US foreign policy look under President Trump?

(Un)Expected US President Donald Trump

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The writing on the wall for a Trump victory was always there for anyone who cared to read it.

Interview: Dr. Parag Khanna on US Foreign Policy, Mideast Geopolitics, and Globalization

KENYA, Mombasa: Photograph taken by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 31 July shows a general view of containers inside Mombasa Port on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE. sits down with Dr. Parag Khanna to discuss US foreign policy and the future of globalization.

Donald Trump: a New Dawn in US Foreign Policy?

Donald Trump, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore, modified,

In terms of foreign policy vision, there’s less separating Donald Trump and President Obama than you might think.

Obama-Modi Summit: US Pivots All the Way to India

Obama and Modi in the White House CC Wikicommons

Obama doctrine finally got its field test in India, a chance for the president to ‘walk the walk’ of the US pivot.

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