Sudan Protests

The Geopolitics of the Sudan Coup

On 7 April 2019, the second day of the sit-in, protestors were gathering infront of the Military Headquarter chanting for freedom, piece, and justice. People in the crowd told each other to turn on their phone torches., cc Ola A .Alsheikh, modified,

Examining internal and external forces at work in the latest military coup in Sudan.

Sudan Protesters Return to the Streets as Negotiations Stall

Sudan Protests, cc Flickr sari omer, modified,

Weeks after paramilitaries unleashed a wave of brutality on Khartoum, Sudan’s civilian protest movement does not appear to be losing any momentum.

Sudan Military Clamps Down on Protestors

Sudan protests, cc Flickr Hind Mekki, modified,

Sudan’s military leaders have swapped words for bullets in their ongoing effort to remain at the apex of Sudanese politics.

Sudan-South Sudan Relations and the Fall of Al-Bashir

alBashir, cc,, modified,

The fall of al-Bashir will resonate not just in Sudan, but South Sudan as well.

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