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Sudan-South Sudan Relations and the Fall of Al-Bashir

alBashir, cc,, modified,

The fall of al-Bashir will resonate not just in Sudan, but South Sudan as well.

Forecast 2014: Africa

Geological map of Africa

Examining some of the defining political, economic, and military trends facing Africa in 2014.

The Regional Impact of a South Sudan Civil War

Army official South Sudan

What are the regional implications of a civil war in South Sudan?

Interpreting the Sudan-South Sudan Oil Deal

Oil Deal between Sudan and South Sudan

Examining the recent energy deal between Sudan and South Sudan, asking the question: is this deal a game-changer for inter-Sudan relations?

Sudan: Prelude to Conflict?

South Sudan independence and relations with Sudan

As Africa’s newest country sets about building up its own army, political institutions and identity, the threat of renewed conflict with the North still looms.

The Dawn of South Sudan: War or Peace?

Southern Sudan's Independence Referendum Vote Passes 60 Percent Participation Validation Mark

While official results from the referendum in Sudan will not be revealed until sometime in February, it has become somewhat of a foregone conclusion that Africa’s largest country is on the verge of splitting.

ANALYSIS: Sudan Referendum

A man from the Dinka tribe holds a placard during a demonstration in Khartoum

For Sudan, January 9th will bring with it either a sense of closure after decades of civil war or a new wave of chaos in Africa’s largest state.

Sudan Elections Point to War

Omar al-Bashir

In the wake of last week’s highly symbolic though hollowed-out election in Sudan, the question on everyone’s mind is no longer whether or not the south will secede in 2011, but how bloody their secession will be.

Obama U-turns on Sudan

Barack Obama

The Obama administration has rebooted bilateral relations with yet another international pariah, in effect choosing engagement over the morally sound though geopolitically risky course of self-imposed isolation.

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