Strategic Commodities

EV Battery Metals Rally into New Year


Will 2022 bring upply constraints to the fore of the electric vehicle industry?

Want a Tesla? The Guinea Coup Might Make It More Expensive


Aluminum prices have been spiking in the wake of the Guinea coup, with likely pricing consequences for electric vehicles down the road.

Is the Post-COVID Party Over for Iron Ore Prices?


2021 has been the best of times for iron ore prices, and before the year is out it could be the worst of times as well.

Nickel Prices Recover, Seek Out New Highs


Supply concerns seem to be trumping fears of technological disruptions, with an EV-driven demand boom looming on the horizon.

Guinea Coup: Geopolitical Repercussions Abound for Chinese Industry


A military coup in one small West African country risks significant economic repercussions for China.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Uranium Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine uranium, a key input in nuclear power generation that was included on the US Interior Department’s list of critical minerals.

Copper Prices Whipsaw on China’s COVID-19 Struggle


Copper prices have fallen over 15% from May highs, but the dip may prove to be short-lived.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Tin Supply & Demand

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Green technologies are expected to create a surge in global tin demand, but Western companies may encounter supply challenges amid the outsize market weight of Asian producers.

Strategic Commodities 2.0: Global Helium Supply & Demand

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Next in our series on strategic commodities we examine helium, a rare instance of a key high-tech input that remains dominated on the supply side by the United States.

Supply Pinch Sustains Record Iron Prices


Moves by Beijing to cool iron prices can only go so far against a backdrop of lingering supply shortfalls.

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