Russian Hacking

Russian Economy Hit by Sanctions, New Rouble Rout

RussiaCentralBank, cc, modified,

There’s no relief in sight for the long-suffering Russian economy, which is now faced with new sanctions and a renewed currency plunge.

China vs. the EU: The Influence War that Only One Side Is Fighting

EUPRC, cc Flickr Friends of Europe, modified,

China’s covert influencing activities are potentially far more consequential to the EU than those of Russia. So why is no one talking about them?

Interview: Bret Schafer on Putin’s Internet Propaganda Push

GPM-Interview-Propersize sits down with the Alliance for Securing Democracy's Bret Schafer for an in-depth look into Russia's ongoing disinformation campaign against the West.

Backgrounder: Russian Hacking

Russian Hacking

Russia has scored several major propaganda victories by reworking Soviet-era tactics for the Information Age.

Russian Hacking and the Baltic States

NATO CM, Flickr SHAPE NATO, modified, public domain

Russian hacking and disinformation is nothing new for the Baltic States, which have long been a testing ground for Russia’s evolving cyber capabilities.

What the Russia-US Detente Will Look Like

160918-N-BB269-036, US Army, public domain,

President Trump is now in office, but it won’t be easy to put Russia-US relations back on a positive track.

US Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking

Director Clapper, cc Flickr Medill DC,

A report from the US intelligence community on Russian hacking is dividing the US electorate along partisan lines.

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