Russia Sanctions

Russian Constitutional Referendum Sets a Dangerous Precedent

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Russia's recent constitutional referendum, peppered with fraud and manipulation, foreshadows an increasingly authoritarian Kremlin going forward.

The US Could Shoot Itself in the Foot with Russia Sanctions

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Washington should be careful that sanctions against Russian arms exports don’t impact trade relations with key allies like India.

TAP Pipeline: Look Who’s Switching Off the Gas This Time


It's not Moscow, but the new government in Rome that might be turning off the TAP and dooming the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline project.

Russian Economy Hit by Sanctions, New Rouble Rout

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There’s no relief in sight for the long-suffering Russian economy, which is now faced with new sanctions and a renewed currency plunge.

The End of British Influence?

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The twin pillars of UK foreign policy – its ‘special relationship’ with the U.S. and central presence in the EU – have collapsed, and the ensuing diplomatic isolation is on full display following the Skripal poisoning.

Russia’s Economy in 2017

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Sanctions and the price of oil will determine the story of Russia’s economic performance in 2017.

Trump, Exceptionalism, and the Russian Boogeyman in US Foreign Policy

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How different will US foreign policy look under President Trump?

US Exceptionalism Has No Place in a Multipolar World

US-RussiaFlyby, photo credit: US Navy

The geopolitical order is changing, and Washington should take heed.

What Will the EU Decide on Russia Sanctions?

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The return of celebrated Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko in a prisoner swap suggests that Moscow is launching a charm offensive to convince the EU to lift its Russia sanctions. But will it work?

Oil and Hubris Are Eroding Putin’s Early Economic Gains

PutinHunting, cc Flickr Jedimentat44

The current political economy of Russia is failing to deliver on long-term growth economic growth.

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