Russia-NATO Relations

The Wagner Group: Origins and Early Deployments

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First in a two-part series, this backgrounder traces the origins and earliest deployments of Russia’s infamous mercenary outfit: the Wagner Group.

A World Remade? Lessons from the Ukraine War

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The Ukraine war is producing some bitter lessons for those who believed that global society had moved beyond nation-based geopolitics.

Kazakhstan: History Will Reward the Modernizers

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Kazakh President Tokayev faces a stark choice in the wake of the Ukraine invasion.

War and Peace

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How to fight one and keep the other.

The Battle for Sovereignty and Survival in Ukraine

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In the current Ukraine crisis lies an opportunity to build a new and lasting security architecture in Europe.

Afghanistan: Another Missed Chance for EU Strategic Autonomy?

English: The 44th Mechanized Battery Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company, 2nd Platoon, conduct counter ambush and bounding techniques with light infantry soldiers and heavy armor CV90 tanks during exercise European Union Battle Group. European Union Battlegroup 2014-02, the European Union’s quick reaction force, is training 1,550 soldiers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia as part of the certification training. (Photo by U.S. Army Spc. Franklin R. Moore/Released)

Those hoping for greater EU strategic autonomy in the wake of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan are setting themselves up for disappointment.

The Wagner Group: Intrigue, War, and Resource Extraction in Africa and Beyond

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After initial deployments in Ukraine and Syria, the African continent has become the main theater for Wagner Group operations.

NATO Nuclear Sharing: Why it Still Matters

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Despite geopolitical landscape changes, one strategic dictum endures: the best way to avoid war is to increase its potential costs.

Corruption Fight Devolves into a New Constitutional Crisis in Ukraine

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President Zelensky has set his sights on Ukraine’s constitutional court following a decision to reverse key anti-corruption reforms.

Geopolitics of the Nagorno-Karabakh War

Billboards in Yerevan have been displaying footage released by the Armenian Ministry of Defence since the beginning of the Wikicommons Գարիկ Ավագյան, modified,,_Armenia).jpg

Historical background and geopolitical context for the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh war.

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