Northwest Passage

Reluctant Allies: Canada, the US, and the Northwest Passage

The Canadian Arctic

Making the case for US-Canadian cooperation on Arctic policy and the Northwest Passage.

Canada’s Arctic Defense Policy: Grand Theory, Stunted Practice

Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney holds the new Canadian 50 dollar bill, made of polymer, in front of the CCGS Amundsen, the Arctic research vessel depicted on the back of the new bill, in Quebec City

Is Canada really on its way to becoming an Arctic military power?

Russia in the Arctic: Rise of the Polar Bear

Russia Avoiding Armageddon

The Arctic is a critical region for Russia, and owing to Vladimir Putin’s sustained emphasis on Arctic revival, the region may become a defining characteristic of a post-USSR Russian identity.

The Arctic Game Goes Cordial

Arctic geopolitics

The rules governing the scramble for the Arctic are beginning to crystalize and surprisingly enough they indicate a peaceful process of conflict resolution going forward.

A US-Canada compromise on the Arctic?

NOAA images show September Arctic sea ice in 1979 and 2009

While the usual international posturing on the Arctic continues unabated, signs are beginning to emerge that Canada and the United States might be able to put their differences behind them.  

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