Trump’s New Wall? Mexico’s Southern Border

Border Traffic at the San Ysidro Primary Port of Entry., cc US Customs and Border Protection, modified,

Mexico has missed a golden opportunity to stand up to US bullying and provide a much-needed lesson on the continent’s deepening economic interdependence.

US-Mexico Trade War

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Zac and Nick discuss President Trump's shocking move to apply across-the-board tariffs on the U.S.' close trade ally - why it's unprecedented, and how long this new trade war might go on for. (Recorded June 4, 2019)

Mexico: A New Front in the Trump Trade Wars

TijuanaWall, cc © Tomas Castelazo, / Wikimedia Commons, modified,

A new front has opened in President Trump’s worldwide trade war, and this one is much closer to home.

USMCA: Winners and Losers in the US-Canada Trade Deal

Donald_Trump_receives_a_gift_from_Justin_Trudeau_in_Canada_-_2018, public domain, modified,, Shealah Craighead

US and Canadian negotiators have agreed in principle to a new trade deal. Just don’t call it ‘NAFTA.’

FLASH: Canada on the Clock to Save NAFTA

NAFTAlineup, cc Flickr U.S. Department of State, modified,

The focus is now on Canada to come to terms with Washington. But Ottawa’s position may not be as dire as it seems.

Will the 2018 Elections Truly Reshape Mexico?

AMLO2, cc Flickr Eneas De Troya, modified,

It’s hard to separate the reality from the hype surrounding Mexico’s new president.

Backgrounder: Mexico Election

AMLO2018, cc Eneas De Troya, Flickr, modified,

The Mexican establishment is bracing for Hurricane Obrador.

The Border Wall Nobody Talks About

US - Mexico Border Fence, cc Flickr Tony Webster, modifier,

For all the vicious debate, people may be surprised to learn that a US-Mexico border wall already exists.

Will Mexico Go Down the Populist Route in 2018?

AMLO, cc Eneas De Troya from Mexico City, México, Wikicommons -

Meet Mexico’s left-wing version of Donald Trump.

US-Canada Softwood Dispute a Possible Own Goal for Washington

USCanadaFlags, cc Flickr Scazon, modified,

New tariffs on Canadian softwood will only hurt consumers and further divert Canadian trade toward China and Europe.

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