Missile Defense

ICBM Test to Reshuffle the Geopolitical Deck in East Asia?

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North Korea’s recent ICBM launch threatens to bring some uncomfortable truths to light.

Russia’s Eurasian Union: A Bid for Hegemony?

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Georgiy Voloshin examines the motivations underpinning Russia's push to establish a "Eurasian Union" in Central Asia. 

Arms Race in the Georgia ‘Pipeline’

Location of Georgia Pipeline

In recent years the United States and a handful of its western allies have fostered closer military and political ties to Georgia, going as far as promoting Georgia’s membership in NATO. In the wake of Russia’s determination to maintain a strong position in the Caucasus, western leaders should now wonder if their Georgia policy has been too rash, says Alessandro Bruno of Geopoliticalmonitor.com.

ANALYSIS: NATO Launches Turkey Radar

NATO Missiles

NATO's missile system, which the USA has been building near Russia's borders. The radar station will be controlled from Germany. The station is located in the town of Malatya, which is 500 kilometers to the south-east of Ankara and some 700 kilometers from the border with Iran. Turkish and US servicemen will serve at the station.

OPINION: Getting US Foreign Policy Right

US foreign policy and reluctance towards intervention

Political sentiment in the United States seems to be turning against the interventions and nation-building projects that have characterized US foreign policy in recent years. The revulsion at the cost and size of government, including the cost of expensive wars in the Middle East, has been amply demonstrated during the debt ceiling drama of recent weeks.

US-Czech Relations on Missile Defense

Czech Republic's missile defense decisions considered

The recent Czech decision to not host part of a US early warning system has nothing to do with the Czechs' overall enthusiasm for missile defense – nor their willingness to take on a greater role in the future.

Missile Defense: Changing NATO-Russia Relations

Missile testing in field

The US and its NATO allies remain at loggerheads with Russia over missile defense in Europe, threatening to shutter fledgling NATO-Russian cooperation. However, an agreement on a cooperative missile system would transform the Moscow-NATO relationship from that of military stand-off to substantive, sustainable partnership.

Anger at NATO missile defense in Turkey

Flag of Turkey

Turkey’s decision to allow the United States and NATO to deploy elements of the European missile defense system on its territory has triggered a negative response across the region and in the rest of the world.

Myanmar-N Korea Proliferation Link?

North Korean leader and soldiers walking

Evidence continues to surface suggesting Myanmar’s possible interest in launching a covert nuclear power program with potential North Korean assistance.

Managing Asia’s Nuclear Rivalry

Military watercraft in ocean

As China and India enter new stages in nuclear arsenal development, including ICBM capabilities and plans for a nuclear-armed submarine fleet, strategic dialogue is needed to reduce the risk of political tension caused by mutual uncertainty.

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