Missile Defense

ICBM Test to Reshuffle the Geopolitical Deck in East Asia?

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North Korea’s recent ICBM launch threatens to bring some uncomfortable truths to light.

Russia’s Eurasian Union: A Bid for Hegemony?

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Georgiy Voloshin examines the motivations underpinning Russia's push to establish a "Eurasian Union" in Central Asia. 

Arms Race in the Georgia ‘Pipeline’

Location of Georgia Pipeline

In recent years the United States and a handful of its western allies have fostered closer military and political ties to Georgia, going as far as promoting Georgia’s membership in NATO.

OPINION: Getting US Foreign Policy Right

US foreign policy and reluctance towards intervention

Political sentiment in the United States seems to be turning against the interventions and nation-building projects that have characterized US foreign policy in recent years. The revulsion at the cost and size of government, including the cost of expensive wars in the Middle East, has been amply demonstrated during the debt ceiling drama of recent weeks.

Civil War Looming in Kyrgyzstan?

Roza Otunbayeva

Recent events in Kyrgyzstan have once again shone a spotlight on the politically fragile, though geopolitically crucial region of Central Asia.

Moscow Suicide Bombings

Russia Army CC Mikhail Kamarov

Monday’s dual suicide bombing attack on the Moscow metro will have profound consequences for Russian domestic politics.

DPRK Instability

South Korean army soldiers in Yeoncheon

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, we find a nuclear-armed state with a collapsing economy and a blurred line of leadership succession. In short, a geopolitical time bomb.

American Decline

A U.S. Marine from 3rd Battalion 4th Marines, adjusts the U.S. flag on the top of his tent on base Delaram in Nimroz province

American decline has once again become a fashionable prophecy in academic and media circles. This time, BRIC countries like China and India have replaced the specter of a rising Japan, the country that was often cited by ‘declinists’ as a challenger to American hegemony during the 1980s. This backgrounder will examine both sides of the debate and provide an objective analysis of the causes and possible effects of American decline.

Cuba, Missile Defense, and Cold War Redux

IRBM and MRBM routes

In a move aimed at spiting Washington for its planned missile defense system in Central Europe, Russia has announced it will boost bilateral cooperation with Cuba.

European Missile Defense

Political map of eastern hemisphere

In a move harkening back to the Cold War, Russia has threatened to respond militarily and technologically to U.S plans for a missile defense system in Central Europe, plans that could re-trigger an arms race.

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