Islamic State in India

Has the Islamic State Threat Bypassed India?

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India’s security and intelligence communities have remained one step ahead of Islamic State so far. But has the threat actually passed?

An India Link to the Jeddah Blast?

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In what could be a game-changer, it appears as is Lashkar-e-Taiba has struck against US interests in Saudi Arabia for the first time ever.

Islamic State in Sri Lanka

Srimap, cc CIA factbook

Internal divisions are increasing the chances that we see a rise of Islamic State in Sri Lanka.

Islamic State’s Latest India Video Smacks of Desperation


By adopting India-centric themes for the first time in an Indian video release, Islamic State is betraying its own desperation to gain a foothold on the Indian subcontinent.

Will Shafi Armar’s Death Harm Islamic State in India?


The threat of Islamic State in India will outlive its leading figure.

Indian Mujahideen: The Face of “New Terrorism” in India?

India Police in crowd

Examining the organizational structure of Indian Mujahideen and asks whether the recent arrests of the organization's leaders will affect its operational capacity.

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