Iraq Elections

Iraq’s Political Deadlock: Headed for a Reckoning?

Moqtada al-Sadr in 2016; cc Reza Zamuni, modified,

A nearly year-long political deadlock is posing serious threats to Iraq’s long-term stability.

Muqtada al-Sadr Closes in on Surprise Win in Iraq Elections

Iraqelection, cc Flickr Al Jazeera English, modified,

The avowed foe of both the United States and Iran has seized on popular grievances to win last week’s election, but forming a government won’t be easy.

Kurdish Independence: The Next Phase of the Iraq Civil War?

Kurdishflag, cc Flickr Kurdishstruggle, modified,

With the oil-rich city of Kirkuk under its control, the government of Iraqi Kurdistan is moving toward formal independence from Iraq.

Iraq: Divided They Prosper

Iraq Flag CC Nicolas Raymond

While it’s expected that it will be the Kurds who separate from Iraq, the real beneficiaries from a break-up of the country would be the Shia. They’re the ones who control 80 percent of the country’s oil wealth, and they would prefer not to share it with hostile neighbors.

The Iraq Redline: Why Obama Chose Now to Initiate Airstrikes against ISIS

An F22 launching an airstrike

It took just one day for President Obama’s announcement of US air strikes in ISIS-held Iraq to translate into operational reality, and the first target chosen by US forces illustrates why this policy shift came about.

Baghdad Deadlocked as ISIS Digs In

Territorial control of ISIS

Politicians in Baghdad continue to squabble as news of violence and hardship filters out of ISIS-occupied Iraq.

ISIS in Iraq: Sectarian Tsunami or Regional Rivalry?

Iraqi soldiers

What the civil war in Syria failed to expose, Iraq threatens to bring out into the open.

Battle Lines Drawn in Iraq’s Anbar Province

Map of Middle East

Examining the events leading up to recent fighting in Anbar province and what it might mean for Iraq's future.

Syrian Spillover: Violence Surges in Iraq

Political map of Iraq

How will the ongoing civil war in Syria is impact sectarian tensions in Iraq?

Massoud Barzani: A Regional Powerbroker Rises in Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan President

The leader of Iraqi Kurdistan is making his mark on Iraqi politics.

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