Iran UN Sanctions

Amid Strikes and Protests, Iran Braces for a New Wave of Sanctions

Hassan_Rouhani_press_conference_after_his_election_as_president_14, cc Alireza Bahari, modified, Fars News,

Tehran tries to put one fire out while preparing for an inferno.

Outlook 2018: Five Economies to Watch


Five economies headed for boom or bust in 2018.

What Military Options Are on the Table If Trump Scraps the Iran Nuclear Deal?

President Trump, cc Flickr Gage Skidmore,, modified

A return to outright antagonism in US-Iran relations brings inevitable speculation about the military option. But the tactical hurdles faced by the US/Israeli air forces have only gotten worse over the past few years.

Backgrounder: Iran

iranrevolution, public domain

A brief history of Iran, a country that the Trump administration seems to have singled out as America’s primary geopolitical foe in the Middle East.

Western Companies Circle as Iran Enters a Critical Month

Rouhani55, cc 4.0

Foreign investors are eager to tap into Iran ahead of the full implementation of the JCPOA.

Style Could Win Out Over Substance on Iran Nuclear Deal

Rouhani_in_Astrakhan,_29_September_2014, cc Flickr the Presidential Press and Information Office

The core of the struggle surrounding the Iran nuclear deal is not how it would advance the interests of the United States, but rather how the deal is being perceived.

India to Benefit from Iran Nuclear Deal

Modi, CC Flickr Global Panorama

India’s Modi government is ready to jump on the new economic and geopolitical opportunities afforded by Iran’s historic nuclear deal.

GPM Oil Report: Iran Returns

Oil Jack, CC Flickr Paul Lowry

A nuclear agreement means Iran is set to return to global energy markets, and OPEC may never be the same again.

Analysis: Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Again

Rouhani, cc Wikicommons

What is holding up a deal on Iran’s nuclear program?

GPM Outlook 2015: US-Iran Relations

HE Mr. Fereydoun Abbasi Davani delivers a speech to IAEA in 2011. CC Flickr IAEA Imagebank

2015 will bring success or failure to the slow-motion rapprochement unfolding between Washington and Tehran. Whatever the outcome, this is an issue that will shape the geopolitical landscape for decades to come.

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