Inter-Services Intelligence

Wilayat Khorasan: Past and Present Dynamics in the Af-Pak Region


Tracing the rise of Islamic States Af-Pak affiliate, Wilayat Khorasan.

India Jihadi Groups Splinter as Rivalries Intensify

Flag of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based jihadi group.

The rivalry between Al Qaeda, Islamic State, and Lashkar-e-Taiba is intensifying on the Indian subcontinent.

Pakistan, India, and the Secret War for Afghanistan


Arch-rivals India and Pakistan have a lot at stake in the future of Afghan politics.

An Al Qaeda-Indian Mujahideen Alliance Spells Trouble for Pakistan

Building in Pakistan set on fire

An Al Qaeda-Indian Mujahideen alliance will hurt Pakistan’s foreign policy goals.

ANALYSIS: Musharraf Admits to Training Militants in Kashmir


Former Pakistani ruler Pervez Musharraf has admitted to Der Spiegel that Pakistani forces trained militant groups to fight in Indian-administered Kashmir.

Analysis: Quetta Bombing in Pakistan


The explosion that killed 53 people at a Shia rally in Quetta city is just the beginning of what will come to be a wave of militant attacks aimed at taking advantage of the chaos that is descending over Pakistan.

Analysis: Will Petraeus’ Tactics Work in Afghanistan?

New Directive in Afghanistan

Yesterday, newly appointed General David Petraeus issued his first new directive in the Afghan campaign stressing the need to avoid civilian casualties.

The Leak that Broke the War’s Back Posts Over 90,000 U.S. Military Reports From Afghanistan

This weekend’s massive leak of classified information on the war in Afghanistan will probably come to be seen as the leak that broke the war’s back.

ISI and the Afghan Taliban

Pakistani soldiers take part in a military exercise in Multan

Despite the chorus of positivity emanating from Washington and several media outlets, the capture of Mullah Baradar in Karachi does not entail a hard swing towards cooperation on the part of the Pakistani government.

Pakistan Taliban in Retreat

Pakistani Taliban fighters sit in the back of a truck with their weapons in Buner

The Pakistani government has seized the upper hand in their struggle against the Pakistan Taliban - a situation that is a far cry from the dark days of last April, when ‘state collapse’ was on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

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