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Can US Corporate Debt Markets Weather a Recession?


With a recession looming on the horizon, the COVID-era grace period of cheap money has nearly run its course.

Can Sri Lanka Be Stabilized over the Short-Term?

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A new president brings a fresh start, but given the numerous economic problems facing the island nation, no one should be expecting a long honeymoon period.

Sri Lanka Debt Crisis: New Trend in the Making?

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Sri Lanka isn’t the only developing economy under severe duress in the post-COVID global landscape.

Omicron Risks Debt Crisis in Developing World

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The IMF has issued a stark warning that current debt relief efforts are not enough.

Outlook 2021: COVID-19 Vaccines and Global Economic Recovery


Vaccines might not be a panacea for all that ails the global economy in 2021.

Debt Cancellation in Africa: Different Loan Paradigms, Different Development Outcomes

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A case study examining French and Chinese infrastructure loans in Africa highlights that, though both are aimed at stimulating domestic production, only one produces a sustainable development outcome for the recipient.

African States Reel amid COVID-19 Debt Crunch

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The question of a debt crisis in the developing world has shifted to ‘when,’ not ‘if.’

Debt in a Time of Coronavirus

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With COVID-related shutdowns abound, are major economies headed for a massive credit crunch?

Small Bank Debt Warnings Flash in China

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Non-performing loans are a lot higher in Henan province than the official national statistics would have us believe.

China Debt: Qinghai SOE Is First Offshore Default in 20 Years

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The default of a state-owned provincial investment vehicle reflects a changing paradigm in China’s debt markets. But how long will the authorities remain on the sidelines?

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