Interview: International Crisis Group’s Heiko Wimmen on Next Steps in Lebanon

Beirut Protests, modified, cc Shahen Araboghlian, Wikicommons,

Who will be the next prime minister? Tanmay Kadam seeks answers from a leading expert on Lebanese domestic politics.

Interview: Maxime Fiset from the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence


We sit down with Vanessa Reggio of the Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence (CPRLV) to discuss new poles of radicalization and what can be done to curb their spread.

Interview: Bret Schafer on Putin’s Internet Propaganda Push

GPM-Interview-Propersize sits down with the Alliance for Securing Democracy's Bret Schafer for an in-depth look into Russia's ongoing disinformation campaign against the West.

Interview: Anton Salman on the Future of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Mayor Anton salman Photo

Anton Salman, the mayor of Bethlehem, in his first interview in 2018: starting from the “Siege of the Nativity church,” passing through Donald Trump’s declaration about Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, ending with the future of Palestine.

Interview: Statoil’s Anders Marvik on Geopolitical Risk and the Energy Industry in 2017

GPM-Interview-Small’s Jeremy James sits down with Anders Marvik, Vice President of EU Political Affairs Office at Statoil, to discuss the geopolitical risks and opportunities facing Statoil and the wider energy industry in 2017.

Interview: Dr. Parag Khanna on How to Fix the US Political System


People are decrying their governments as ineffective and out-of-touch across the Western world. Could more technocracy be the answer?

Interview: Rudo Sanyanga on Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam, Water Conflicts

GPM-Interview-Small sits down with Rudo Sanyanga of the International Rivers Africa Program to discuss the geopolitical impact of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam and other water conflicts on the continent.

Interview: PDAC’s Andrew Cheatle on the Canadian Mining Industry

Andrew Cheatle, Executive Director of PDAC sits down with Andrew Cheatle, Executive Director of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC).

Interview: Dr. Parag Khanna on US Foreign Policy, Mideast Geopolitics, and Globalization

KENYA, Mombasa: Photograph taken by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 31 July shows a general view of containers inside Mombasa Port on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE. sits down with Dr. Parag Khanna to discuss US foreign policy and the future of globalization.

Interview: ECFR’s Mark Leonard on Brexit and the Future of the EU

GPM-Interview-Small sits down with Mark Leonard to discuss Brexit and the future of the European Union.

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