Ethiopia: A Geopolitical Time Bomb in the Making

cc Jonathan Alpeyrie, modified, wikicommons, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Column_of_ONLF_rebels.jpg

Ethiopia’s climate-sensitive economy, growing population, and inter-ethnic conflict make it a geopolitical time bomb primed to explode.

UN Sounds Alarm over Somalia Drought

amisom2, cc Flickr AMISOM Public Information, public domain

Drought and food insecurity have created a humanitarian crisis in Somalia, leading to an uptick in piracy in the Gulf of Aden among other destabilizing developments.

Famine, Al-Shabaab Threaten Progress in Somalia

cc Flickr AMISOM Public Information , modified, public domain

A famine is threatening a delicate sense of hope in one of Africa’s most dysfunctional states.

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