EU Migrant Crisis

Germany: CDU Hopefuls Vie for Merkel’s Spot

MerkelEPP, cc Flickr European Pepole's Party,, modified

As one era draws to a close, the CDU leadership race teases a new one.

Backgrounder: Sweden Elections 2018

Election campaign Socialdemokraterna, cc Flickr Håkan Dahlström, modified,

Upcoming elections are being billed as a fight for the country’s soul, but this is one battle that’s likely to end in stalemate.

Italy’s Diplomacy Is Floundering in the Mediterranean

TritonRescue, cc Flickr Irish Defence Forces, modified,

In its singular focus on migration, Italy’s Mediterranean policy misses the forest for the trees.

Sweden’s Coming Crisis Could Soon be Europe’s

Jimmie, cc Flickr Per Pettersson, modified,

Will Sweden be the next electoral pick-up for Europe’s far right?

Spain: The Final Test Case for Social Democracy in the EU

Pedro Sanchez, cc Rodrigo Ponce de León, modified, ;

Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE must find a workable solution to the migration issue; the future of social democracy in Europe may depend on it.

Is Libya the Unlikely Solution to the Franco-Italian Migration Spat?

An Irish boat rescues migrants off the coast of Tripoli; cc Flickr Irish Defence Forces, modified,

Stabilizing Libya to stem the flow of migrants to European shores may be the one thing that Rome and Paris can actually agree on.

Whither Central Europe’s ‘Axis of the Willing’ on Migration?

Kurz2, cc Flickr EU2017EE Estonian Presidency,modified,

Will Sebastian Kurz’ “axis of the willing against illegal migration” sound the death knell for the Merkel era in Germany?

Populism in Europe: Fear, Greed, and Putin’s Meddling

GPMpopu, cc Flickr Kelly Kline, modified,, cc Flickr Kelly Kline, modified,

We must reject extremist positions and become stronger defenders of our values and political tradition.

Global Forecast (05-28-2018)


New elections loom in Italy, the Trump-Kim summit gets back on track, and a Congressional bombshell on China Communist Party subversion in New Zealand.

Call Them by Their Name—Fleeing Venezuelans are Refugees, not Migrants

VenezColomMarch, cc Flickr Policía Nacional de los colombianos, modified,

It’s time to invoke the Cartagena Declaration and provide Venezuelans stranded abroad with the legal protections and funding they need.

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