EU Migrant Crisis

Turkey: NATO’s Rogue Member State

A US Patriot missile system deployed in the Turkish city of Gaziantep in 2013. cc Flickr U.S. Army Europe, modified,

Is it time to consider kicking Turkey out of NATO?

CDU-SPD Coalition Deal Reached in Germany

cc Flickr SPD Schleswig-Holstein, modified,

After heaping concessions onto the final deal with the SPD, Angela Merkel might just get her fourth term as Germany’s chancellor.

It’s Time for Merkel to Go

MerkelEPP, cc Flickr European People's Party, modified,

By stepping down now, Angela Merkel can save the German establishment from the populist firestorm that threatens to consume it.

Takeaways from the European Defense Industry Summit

EUAP, cc Flickr William Murphy, modified,

Europe’s leaders are increasingly worried about their deteriorating external security environment, and their concern is starting to reflect in EU policy.

Global Forecast (11-28-2017)


Ireland’s government manages to hang on, a new hope in Germany’s coalition talks, and China’s coalition probe reverberates at the highest levels of the military.

The Long Story of Kurz: ‘Austria You will be Macronized’

cc Flickr Bundesministerium für Europa, Integration und Äußeres , modified,

Tracing the political rise of Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, the newest star of the European far-right.

Italy Looks to Libya to Ease Migrant Crisis

MigrantBoat, cc Flickr Irish Defence Forces, modified,

The Italian government needs to get migrant crossings under control before next year’s election, and its newest plan appears to be working.

Macron’s Africa Conundrum

Macrograf, cc Flickr thierry ehrmann, modified,

To reverse his early missteps on Africa, French President Emmanuel Macron should focus on development challenges. Remittance fees would be a good place to start.

Civil Society Under Assault: Security, Counter-Terrorism, and Hungary’s Crackdown on NGOs

cc Flickr Európa Pont, modified,

For a microcosm for how civil society is threatened throughout the world, look no further than Hungary.

Decriminalize the Victims, Please

Darfurians refugees in Eastern Chad, cc Flickr European Commission DG ECHO, modified,

Refugees will continue to receive poor treatment unless international regimes are overhauled to improve oversight and enforcement.

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